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Thursday, 25 September 2014

ANNE ELISE REAL HAIR | HAIR REVIEW - FilipinoCambodian Blend

Hey Guys!

A big THANK YOU to all the ladies that left a comment on my last post! I honestly didn't really expect anyone to enter the competition, don't ask me why. But I have picked a winner and I will be contacting you via the email address you provided!

So on to this post, Anne Elise Real Hair (AERH) isn't a newbie to BiL. I actually did my first ever review of their extensions last year here and I am delighted to say they have not slacked one bit in terms of quality. My last review was more in-depth than this, so you can read that one as well.

This is the only hair extensions brand which when I go to the salon for an instal or blowdry the stylist always compliments the quality of it. These are the best hair extensions I have tried out so far. But it's all about variety, we want to have options when it comes to pricing but don't want to scrimp on the quality. Never fear, I am on the case for extensions that come up to par with AERH and I will be sure to share. They sent over a new blend just released at the time, Filipino & Cambodian. Now I know zilch about the different sorts of hair on the market, I just want to know if it's good quality, doesn't tangle easily and whether it is versatile.

I decided to go red with the extensions this time and I wanted to get them done professionally. I asked around for good colourists in Lagos and came up with nothing, so decided to send my hair to a fantastic hairstylist based in Amsterdam. Yup, you read that right, I went international with it! When I want something done right, there's no stopping me. I shared details of my colourist via my instagram page (@BeautyInLagos), so you can get all the information on that over there.

I LOVED the results. The hair took to the colour really well and there was no patchiness of any sort. Just nice even tones all through. This is the hair in its near natural state. I had gone in for a blowdry the day before, but attended a party in the evening so that completely obliterated my fresh blowdry. And this was the state, the day after. I had just brushed it through with a paddle brush. The bit of hair you can see at the top that's a little frizzy is a closure I got from a different vendor. You can see that the AERH underneath still has a bit of curl to it.

In the picture above I curled the hair myself using a curling wand (the brand of the wand is Remington). These curls last literally a week! The versatility of this hair is second to none. It can be worn straight or curled.

So would I recommend this hair? Absolutely!

For details on how to order check out their listing on The BiL Directory or my last post about AERH.


Ez xxX

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