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As of April 15th 2013, any items that have been gifted, sent or given to me at a press event from a PR company in consideration for a product review, will be marked with an asterix (*). Products accepted for consideration, aren't always guaranteed a post. I always have and will continue to give my 100% honest opinion on any product I feature; gifted or purchased with my own money. Subsequently, if I believe a product is no good, I won't feature it or I will tell you why it doesn't work for me. I am an Independent blogger and do not approach companies or small businesses to do a review of their products. My reviews are always honest and I won't be swayed by anyone. I value integrity and would rather not type-up a review, than deliver a positive review of a product that just did not work for me.


I can offer several solutions for your advertising needs; from banners to sponsored posts. If you're interested in advertising your business or website on my blog, please send me an email and I will send across my rate-card. If you feel your request is a little different from the norm, please provide detailed information about your project, so I can give you appropriate details and an accurate quote.
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All sponsored posts will be clearly stated with a pre/post-script.

My blog is my personal space so I do not post anything that is not a reflection of me or my interests.

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  1. Hi I just opened a Nail & Beauty distribution company in lagos. I am also a Certified Nail educator with over 10 years experience in the Nail Industry as an Assessor. I live in south Africa but i come to logs monthly because of what the Training Academy. I would like to have your advertising rates. my email is:


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