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Tuesday, 23 July 2013


Hey Guys,

Sorry it's taken me a week to type-up this post, but I have been extremely swamped at work.

Anyway on to today's post which is a continuation from my last, sharing with you the items I picked up from the Gifty's Daughter store and a little review on one or two of the items, haven't really got round to using these properly yet.

I didn't really go too crazy in the store, all I was really after was the Z-palette, everything else was just sort of an impulse-buy.

Alcone Professional Makeup Sponges. Price: will be updated
These are just the basic wedge sponges that can be used to apply both powder and liquid makeup. I got these to try out with my Ben Nye Banana Powder (BNBP). I don't know guys, I am still trying to figure the best technique for applying my BNBP! I know I will eventually figure it out (hopefully). But you should all be used to it by now. I come on here, moan about something, about how "I don't like it", "it doesn't work for me", "I dont see what all the fuss is about". And then a few months down the line, I come back to report that same products is the dog's wotsits. So yeah... moving on

Price: to be updated

Now this little metal slab. Metal slab is what I have chosen to call it, as I am no professional and do not know what it is called and cannot be arsed to Google it at this point. So if you know the actual name of this, please feel free to let me know in the comments. So anyway, this I got mainly to mix my liquid makeup products together. When I am heading to an event or wedding I like my skin to have a glow without looking dewy. So I mix in a few drops of my MAC Lustre Drops in with my foundation, MAC Studio Fix, and this gives me just the right amount of glow. So rather than doing the mixing on the back of my hand ( VERY hygienic Ez), I will be doing that on this. I'm sure I will also discover a few more things to use this for.

NYX Soft Matte Lip Creme in 'Istanbul'. Price: to be updated
I need to be smacked round the head honestly. I do not quite understand why I got this lip cream. 1.) I hate lip creams, prefer glosses 2.) I hate Matte lip products. So please tell me why I got this :s.
After using this a few times, I don't completely hate it but I'm not gonna be raving about it. I guess it's the addict in me, I just had to try it. I was actually after  NYX's 'Sugar Pie' lipgloss, but they did not have that, so I went for this instead. *hangs head*

Ben Nye Glitter Glue. Price: to be updated
 This I got to use with glitter and chunky loose pigment eye products. And also because Dimma ( got it and used it in one of her tutorials. I am shameless.

Z-Palette.  Price: to be updated
And finally, the reason behind my visit to the store. I will do a short detailed post on this item. It is basically a makeup palette, that can be used to store all your products in one place. The base of this palette is magnetic so your eyeshadow, blushers, etc. just stick straight on. There are some Z-Palettes that come with the individual magnets, Gifty's Daughter had these variation in stock too. Like I said, I will provide more details on what I depotted  into this palette and how it's held-up in another post. In the meantime you can get more info about this by engaging in some 'google-action'.

And there you have it people! The items I bought during my visit to the Gifty's Daughter store. Hope you enjoyed this post. If you've got any questions about any of the products ask me in the comments section.

Oh and I am DELIGHTED to report..............

Nikon D5100 Digital SLR Camera with 18-55mm VR Lens Kit
 My Baby arrived!! If you follow me on Instagram (@BeautyInLagos), this is probably old news to you. But I wanted to share with all you guys on here too! So now, all I have to do is figure out how it works and bring you better quality images. I am hoping this will be the start of  FOTD, OOTD type posts and probably some Youtube tutorials too :).

Oh and if you don't follow me on Instagram, you might want to do so now! I am having a giveaway in conjunction with SweetKiwi from tomorrow! We are giving away more Frozen Yoghurt, so get in where you can!

So what Makeup Items have you picked up recently?


Ez xxX

Please Note: There will be a great delay in response to your emails over the next couple of weeks. I will eventually reply all emails, just not immediately.


  1. LOL@ the part where you said you are shameless..
    But I(and I'm sure other readers too) get stuffs cos I see them on the blog too :(,
    Yaaaayyyy@FOTD and OOTD posts :D xx

    1. Haha!! So I am not alone.

      And please don't hold your breath for those OOTD and FOTD posts! Hopefully I will garner up that courage sooner than later. But they are definitely in the works :) xx

  2. Well ur not totally shameless.. Lol. Dis week I'm going all out for makeup cos I've read about them on ur blog well d ones I can afford (I actually read every post; yes I'm that shameless) Funny thing is I actually went to makeup school, but ..... I jus don't knw.. So thanks to U&ur blog I'm changing my attitude towards makeup.. Btw, I wanna change my powder(I currently use tara's orekelewa) I'm looking for something with fuller coverage cos I really don't v tym to use foundation every morning.. Any suggestions? Is Bobbi brown any good? Kindly reply.. Thank you

    1. Hahahah! But it isn't shameless to read my posts! That's why they're here! Thank you for reading them all :). One of my dreams is to enrol in some sort of beauty course, you're so lucky!

      Ooooh, unfortunately you won't get full coverage solely from powder, you'll need to throw in some concealer for coverage. But some powders that give light to fairly medium coverage are MAC's Studio Fix Powder and Mineralize Skin Finish Natural. Bobby Brown I can't make any personal recommendations, because I am yet to try anything from the brand xx

    2. Hahahaha! Well that's actually why we're here.. So y not eii?? Lol! I was @ mac store today I think I'm quite satisfied with their 'studio tech - cream to powder' so I'd b getting that on Saturday.. I haven't even seen any store wher bobbi brown products are sold, probably I'm not looking in d right places.. Any hoo thanks gurl & I think black up foundation is a pretty fanstactic product though not very affordable but you should try it..

  3. Got mac's concealer, thanks to your change of heart and a lot of googling...mac spiked pencil and blackup's fluid foundation. Loving all three so far. I also havent quite figd out how to work the ben nye powder, but i will one day sha!

    Nice post :)

    1. Hmmmn.. let me know how you get on with the BlackUp foundation. I have been curious to try out a few products from that brand. Guurrrlll, it's you and me on that BNBP struggle!! lol

  4. Its always a treat to read your posts and congratulations on the new camera. I cant wait for all the lovely pics your are sure to post

    1. Awww!! Thank you very much! :) I'm glad you enjoy my posts xx

  5. Hahaha @ shameless! You're not alone dear.
    I think the metal slab is called a palette. I'm not very sure though.

  6. I have been avoiding Mac mostly because the studio fix broke me out; I hear lots of rave on the matchmaster foundation, been wanting to try it but still scared, what are your foundation recommendations? Thanks in advance.

  7. I've used black up foundation and powder and is GREAT,full coverage and matte finish.

  8. I have been avoiding Mac foundations mostly because the studio fix broke me out; I hear a lot of ppl rave about the matchmaster foundation, been wanting to try it but still scared, what are your foundation recommendations? Thanks in advance.


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