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Thursday, 11 July 2013


Hiya Guys!

My first encounter with Gifty's Daughter was at the first LMUF (see post here). As soon as I saw the NYX stand all the way in the far corner, I dropped everything and made a beeline for their stand and it has been pure love ever since. But the difficulty for me was, they were based in PortHarcourt. Imagine my glee when I discovered they had launched a store in Lagos too!

So a few weeks ago I visited the Gifty's Daughter store! This visit had been on my to-do list for a while, and without even realizing it, I had actually been to the store before it opened. A friend had read my blogpost about the Ben Nye Banana Powder (this one) and mentioned she'd been to a store in Ikeja that sold a variety of shades of the powder, but that it seemed like a new store, because they were kind of still setting things up in there. Nonetheless, I asked her for directions to it, and with my iPhone map at the ready I headed down to the store, only to find it shut.

It was when I read Dimma's post ( about her visit to the store and the description of its location that it clicked! THAT was the Gifty's Daughter store I went to! So random. So anyway, I went back again and this time they were open and I had a good look around and even picked up a few things. I will share my haul in a post tomorrow, but today I just want to share with you guys a few pictures I took while I was in the store. Enjoy!

Gifty's Daughter
25A Toyin Street,
Ikeja, Lagos

Please excuse my tiny images. I shall be getting my paws on my new DSLR next month (August). So expect much sharper, clearer, higher-resolution images on BiL! *excited*

I really love how Lagos is changing rapidly, a few years ago we could only dream of finding a Z-palette in Lagos, let alone OCC LipTars or even a MAC STORE! I don't know about you guys, but I am loving all these beauty-stores popping up, they really excite me!

What beauty-stores have you discovered tucked-away in Lagos?


Ez xxX



  1. wow wow ...I'm amazed at this..even NYX??..You could barely find NYX in the UK sometimes lol..This is great news cos I'd be relocating to Nija for sumtime too..Thnks for this great info hun..So stalking the store..pls kindly ff bk btw x

    1. Yeah, you have to order them online in UK, and we've got a mortar and brick location in Lagos! Winning.

      You're welcome, will follow you now! xx

  2. YAY!! Niiiiice
    And Amen to 'our' DSLR :D

  3. I'd go crazy in that store! How fun.

    Cee. ♥
    Code Overdressed

  4. You should visit "Poise" at the Ikeja shopping mall yo! Beauty Haven!

  5. Amazing find dear.. OMG!!! naija is now becoming beauty haven... first they brought M.A.C and now there is a store carrying NYX products.. will definitely check them out..

    Love the blog post btw...
    follow back.. cheers

  6. this is fantastic! nyx, occ, nars, wetnwild....never thought i'd see the day. as long as their prices are right and they accept debit cards im good to go! will definately make a pit stop on my next trip to lagos. thanks for the info!xxx

  7. Hi pls I would like to know the price of your urban decay naked eyeshadow pls

  8. They have lovely accessories and a detailed beauty selection

  9. i'd like to know the price of nyx milk jmbo eye pencil


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