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Friday, 5 October 2012

Caviar Manicure @ Wow! Nails

I was so excited when I was told that the Wow! Nails concession at L'Espace were going to offer the 'Caviar' manicure as one of their services. I had been intrigued by this manicure for quite a while, so could not wait to try it out!

I have provided a little step-by-step guide on how it all went down. Enjoy!

My nails were buffed and tidied first. My natural nails were used for this, no extensions or acrylics here. Although I think you can have this manicure on both natural and artificial nails.

Picked out my manicure. The caviar manicure options are the two at the bottom-left of the picture. The other options are similar but instead of microbeads, these are crystal-like flakes. They look more like massive 'Glitter' scales. Another interesting manicure to check out.

Picked out a base color for my nails. PINK, of course :)

Such a gorgeous pink. At this point I honestly thought, just ditch the caviar and rock my nails like this. But that thought faded real quick. Was too excited to get going with the beads.

I love these multicolored microbeads. Something very 'tutti-frutti' about them

How do they beads stay on? It's all down to good ol' nail adhesive. You know the sort they use for stick-on nail extensions, yup.

So the nail adhesive is applied all over the nail and then the microbeads are spread evenly over it. Once a bead hits the nail it sticks. Obviously there will be some fall out, but with my hand held over the case, they just fall back into it. Now I got this done to all my nails, yup all TEN of them. But they did not photograph as pretty as I wanted.

I would advice getting this done as a 'feature nail'. Basically what this means is while the rest of your nails are all a similar color, there's one that will be different. It could be a different nail color on this one nail, or some nail-art, or in this case a caviar nail. Usually the 'feature nail' of choice is the ring finger, but you can get it done on any nail. You can even have two feature nails. So yeah, I'd definitely advice getting this on just the one.

Just an extra Instagram shot I posted of my nails last week! This manicure lasted about a week.


Caviar Manicure: N2500

So, what do you think? Will you be getting a 'Caviar' manicure soon?


Ez xxX



  1. Love them! So cute! Looks like icecream sprinkles! :D do they do them with acrylic nails or just real nails? I would love to get them done. French tips are now so boring

    1. You can get then done on Acrylics as well! The ironyyyy, I've got a French manicure right now lol. Let me know if you get them done! :) xx

  2. Just beautiful. Really love them. The question is,how long do they usually last? Looking at them, i'll be scared to put my hands in water so I dont ruin them lol

    1. They last a little over a week. If you got it on just the one nail, that should last two weeks. And you can do anything with it. As much as the beads do fall off from time to time, it's nothing noticeable. They stay put for a while. xx

  3. love love them! your nails look like sweeties lol

    1. Right? Thanks! Ps: love your blog! Xx

    2. Thank you so much! I Love reading your blog too!

  4. These are lovely. I can't wait to try those microbeads for my nails. I have done purple, black and pink but not multi-color. Thanks

    ~Jocelyn (Nail Artist @ Polishpedia)

  5. ur mani looks great! im following u via GFC and instagram.. xx take care hun!!


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