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Friday, 19 October 2012


Last weekend my friend and I decided to go makeup/skincare shopping. She had been telling me about this place that she goes to regularly for her facials (although she's stopped now) and to replenish her skincare stash.

I have gone past this place a few times, in fact my mum's hairdresser used to work out of one of the salons in here. So she was a frequent visitor until said stylist moved and so did she. It's funny how we ladies will follow our stylists anywhere and everywhere they go (within reason of course. Not following no hairdresser to say, Abuja. No thanks!!).

I must say I was deceived by the exterior of this place. Its actually really spacious in there, its even got a mini courtyard (and a bar/lounge to boot, called Greenwich).

Reception Area
After having a browse of the salons on the premises. We headed to the beauty-hall.

Now this is the most impressive beauty-hall I've come across so far in lagos. Have a look at the pictures

These candles smelt absolutely divine.

Been dreaming about them since I saw them and after looking at these pictures again, think I'm heading back Saturday to pick one up. Just got back from a business trip and my hotel room smelt funny, one of these candles would've been handy.

I wasn't allowed behind the counter (honestly being a beauty blogger in this place is a chore, you don't even know the half of it, anyway..),

They've got an extensive selection of MAC products, NYX, Revlon and Maybelline eyeshadows etc.

They also offer various facials and treatments and are happy to have a consultation. I haven't personally had any treatments done with them, quite happy with my beautician at the moment so will be sticking with (Lakshmi at Facial Bar). But they seem really popular and I know quite a few people that go here, always worth a try.

I got something from the beauty hall, will share that in another post.

Beauty Concerns
21B Saka Tinubu Street,
Victoria Island, Lagos.

Mobile: 08026706019

Anyone ever been to Beauty Concerns? Any good?


Ez xxX


  1. Hey dearie. I'm a lover of ur blog. I would really love if u do a post on where one can buy original make-up items in Nigeria especially Lagos. This idea of fake cosmetics product really puts me off because when one is buy cosmetics u don't know if you are buying fake (something that can harm u). Please include their addresses. I love this Beauty Concern, but it is very far from where I stay. Thank you. I would be more than grateful.

    1. *when one buy cosmetics u
      don't know if you are buying
      fake (something that can
      harm u).

    2. Hi! That's not a bad idea actually! I will work on starting up some sort of 'series' on were to get authentic popular makeup brands in Nigeria. Noted!

      Thanks for your suggestion and if you've got anymore specific concerns please send me an email: xx

  2. please wch body cream is the best for dark people.
    And were can i buy it.
    Please what i mean i the cream that will smothen my body and mark it look cute.

  3. please wch body cream is the best for dark people.
    And were can i buy it.
    Please what i mean i the cream that will smothen my body and mark it look cute.

    here is my email:

    1. Hi! When it comes to body lotion it's not necessarily solely dependent on skin tone, theres more to it. eg. skin type.

      If you send me an email I'll be able to understand your request better

  4. luks well stocked.. buh u would have helped us to know how fair their pricing is cos trust me,alot of them V.I outlets sell stuff at very ridiculous prices. so we don't have to get there and end up buying nothing.thanx.luv ur blog,very informative....Aijay

  5. love your blog! It's so nice!!! I follow you!
    Pass to my blog and if it likes you follow me too, I will be so glad :D

  6. beauty concerns is the only beauty shop in Nigeria that sells original stuffs.guys check it out.

    1. Hiya Anonymous. Could you kindly provide the best-reach telephone number for BeautyConcerns? Have tried 3 numbers for weeks, with no success. Thanks, 'Toni.

  7. Hello dear,
    Been reading your blogs, it's nice to know that some people know good makeup and beauty products. I was astonished when I saw I could buy Seche Vite in Lagos as I hav been looking for that nail polish for ages. Do you know if I can get it in this store you mentioned and what is the price range for Orly Bonder and the Seche Vite you bought there? Thanks alot.


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