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Thursday, 4 October 2012

KONGA - Nigeria's Top Online Store

Hi Everyone!

I apologise for the lack of posts! Been having serious ISP issues. I could actually type up an entire ‘Woe Is Me’ post, and just moan about the difficulties of running a blog in this country. Honestly, it’s ridiculous! But I am back and I’ve got quite a backlog of posts to get out, so let’s get to it.

A few weeks ago I made my first ever online order in NIGERIA!... Ok, that's a bit of an exaggeration, I have ordered from ASOS, Net-a-Porter etc. from here but what I mean is ordering from a Nigerian Online store that allows you to pay for your items online and delivers to your doorstep!

Konga is an online store that delivers within Lagos (for now, I hope they expand soon). They sell a whole range of stuff from homeware and appliances, to office supplies, baby care and my favorite bit of the store BEAUTY&SKINCARE! Their service is unbelievable! You can pay online or on delivery, and get this, you can pay by cash OR card on delivery. I know most people, especially those who do not live in Nigeria will not understand why this is a big deal.... but trust me, it IS! 

I placed my order at 10.20am on a tuesday at the office, I was surprised there was an available delivery timeslot the same day, picked between 3-5pm and my package arrived at 3.30pm. I must say, excellent excellent service I cannot say this enough, I was gobsmacked. I went down to collect and pay for my delivery only to be told I could pay with my card if I wanted to, went for that option straight away.

I didn’t really get much, primarily because I got practically all I needed during my summer break, but the ‘addict’ in me just could not resist. And the items I got quite simply depict the fact that I just picked ‘anything’.

Ok, so this first item was a huge HUGE mistake. I honestly thought I was getting like a highlighter of some sort. But it seems I got a tanning lotion.
I was very disappointed with this, the words ‘Sun Kissed’ should’ve been a warning for me. But when I saw those words I do not know why I thought ‘Glow’, so I automatically assumed Highlighter. It’s the blonde in me honestly, because CLEARLY ‘Sun Kissed’ means just that, kissed by the sun,which means TANNED! 

Like I said, I was just looking for what to buy. So I really do not need to say much about this product, I don’t need a tan or anything of the sort… So this shall be going to the bottom of my ‘you-never-know-when-you-may-need-it-and-you-most-likely-never-will’ basket underneath my vanity table!

Now with this product I am not sure how I feel about it. But I dislike it more than I actually like it, mainly because of the smell. It’s got quite an unpleasant smell, it almost made me not want to apply it to my face at all. I bought it because I wanted some sort of powder to set my under-eye concealer. It's from a brand called 'Yardley London', never heard of it, got it in the shade ‘Medium Light 03’, but I don’t see the shade coming through at all. I’d describe it as a transclucent powder because I won’t say there’s any pigmentation to it. 

Positive side though, I did not react to it… that’s ALWAYS a good thing for me when it comes to make up. Haven’t used it since the first time, but I’m gonna keep it because I am a makeup hoarder! (the first step to recovery is confession, right?)

Ok, so this is the ONE product in my box that I was happy with. Saint Germain lipstick by MAC.

This is part of the Amplified finish family and as is synonymous with all lipsticks in this finish, it is very pigmented and opaque. I would describe this as a bright pale pink with a blueish-purple undertone. 

This is quite a difficult colour to wear as unlike bright red lipsticks which make your teeth appear whiter, this shade actual brings out the yellow in your teeth… who wants that??

So I’d advise to be careful with this lipstick, and apply with a very light hand. I typically wear this with some baby-pink shade lipgloss over the top, just to mute it out a little.

So there you go, sorry if this post was a bit of a downer, but I always want to share all my beauty-related finds with you guys. So make sure you check out KONGA. Like I said, I’ve essentially got all I need in the beauty department, so didn’t really need anything from the site. So please don’t let this post deter you, they have got an AMAZING selection of products on there. From Maybelline, to Bourjois even YSL Touche Eclat is on there. And their customer service is literally the BEST I have experienced in this country. 

Get to shopping ladies!


Any other online shopping sites you've discovered out here? (specifically beauty stores)


Ez xxX


  1. With the tanning lotion you can mix it with your moisturizer for that glowing effect. Be carful not to wear white though. And just a wee bit.

  2. oooh! Did not think of that AT ALL!! Thank you, will definitely try it out... and noted, shall not wear white! xx

  3. no wonder i cudnt find u were the one that bought the last lipstick

  4. Hi BIL I'm surprised your having issues blogging in this Country, I wonder what network you use? I use swift and glo and have had it quite smooth running my blog for over a year. I enjoy reading your blog, good stuff, feel free to check my blog out when you can is another online retail store very similar to konga and they deliver all over the country, I am yet to try any of these online stores out though!

    1. Swift used to be my ISP but their service went down south. Honestly! And their customer service is appalling. Then I got a dongle from Etisalat, this was working pretty well until a couple weeks ago it went KAPUT! But got it working after a while

      Shopping around for a new ISP now, got a lead on a new but they didn't have any routers in stock (typical).. Hopefully next week ill be all sorted.

      I've heard of and checked out Jumia.

      Will have a look at your blog! Thanks for reading and commenting xxx

  5. jumia is also a cool online site. Just tried it :) and they stock new items constantly it seems

  6. You guys should also check out . like they have really nice collection of fashion sunglasses and deliver anywhere in the country..
    oh also i think they do prescription glasses too :))

  7. Hi, very informative thanks for sharing.

  8. Nice blog!! Thanks for sharing Nigeria's Top Online Store.

  9. is an online shop in Nigeria selling cosmetics and body care.


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