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Monday, 12 November 2012

Ez's Beauty Tips - LIP CARE

This is just a little something I thought I'd add to my blog content. Sharing some of my personal tips with you guys. I have been thinking about how to present this and I love what I have decided to use.

First in this new series will be lip care. You can get away with lip glosses but there are many lipsticks that are quite unforgiving on unkempt lips. Case in point, the cult product MAC's 'Ruby Woo'. A Matte (and all-too-drying) lipstick that majority of we ladies love ( I don't, quite frankly I think there are many other 'Reds' out there), because it seems to be 'Universal Red' i.e. it works with any skin tone.

Hope you enjoyed my little Tip!


Ez Xxx


  1. Din't know the lips needed to be exfoliated...: ) where can one possibly get the lip scrub and how often should it be done. We met @ Pz cussons stuff...plz do check out my photography blog.

    1. Hi!! Thanks for visiting my blog :). Oh yes! your lips need regular exfoliation, the dead skin can fall off on its own, but exfoliation makes it more even and smooth!

      Will check your blog out. Thanks for reading :)

  2. Can you please update everyday if possible ???!!!

    1. Hello. I am trying to update as often as I can. Just been extremely busy! Not sure about everyday though, but I WILL try lol xx

  3. Hi Ez... Please where can one get the lip scrub or can I just go ahead n use my facial scrub too? Thanks!

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