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Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Sweet Kiwie - Frozen Yoghurt

One of my absolute favourite indulgences in London was Frozen Yoghurt.... Summer or winter, I'd still get some Fro-Yo. And my number one Fro-yo love is SNOG!. Snog's fro-yo is 100% fat-free and you could get various toppings and drizzles on it.

Fro-yo is available in LAGOS!! I was soooooo happy when I discovered Sweet Kiwie. I discovered them on twitter, the L'Espace by LPM twitter account kept going on about 'Sweet Kiwie fro-yo', I was initially confused because I thought they were talking about sweet kiwi flavoured fro-yo... d'oh!.

They've got a variety of toppings.Cherries, Strawberries, Sweets

More Toppings... Peanuts and M&M's

Colour me weird, but I tend to love my fro-yo with no toppings at all. I just don't want anything interfering with my 'taste' experience and I always get the 'Natural' flavour.. Is it called 'Natural', dunno :s.. But the plain one anyway. Everyone who knows me knows I am THE fussiest eater on the planet. A chinese restaurant back when I was in university, actually put a new number order on their menu. I still remember it, it was '96A, Special fried rice extra spicy no veg, no pork, extra shrimps and chicken' lol. The regular fried rice was a number 96 on the menu. Ok, but back to Fro-Yo

Here's how I ALWAYS order mine. Maybe one day I'll get some toppings.... doubt it. Apart from the plain flavored one, I'd also recommend the Watermelon flavor from Sweet Kiwie.

small cup (6oz): N650
Medium Cup (8oz): N850
LARGE CUP (12oz): N1300
Toppings (Any two for): N100
Waffle Cone: N700
Waffle Bowl: N900

Nothing beats a 100% GUILT-FREE Indulgence! So head over to L'Espace by LPM for some Fro-yo goodness!

Ez xxX


  1. I'm living under a rock.
    Ps what's the address for L'Espace?
    Thanks x

    1. Haha!! It's on 19A Olosa Street, Off Karimu Kotun Street, Victoria Island, Lagos. xx

    2. Thank you!!!
      ...and yes we remember your 96A menu option! ;)

  2. looks delicious, I enjoy frozen yoghurt in the states with lots of blackberries, blueberries and chocolate. Hungry for some now!


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