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Wednesday, 2 May 2012


Hey Everyone! :) Last month my girls and I decided to go check out a few places in Ikeja. We went to Spa Lavender, Indigo Boutique (posts on these soon) and BNatural

I heard about BNatural Spa a lot when I just moved back to Lagos, I even got a mani/pedi at the one in Abuja when I went out there to register for my NYSC. But I never managed to get to the one in Lagos until now.

BNatural Spa sits on a very large property in GRA Ikeja, Lagos. They've got a hair salon, nail room, a makeup studio, a barbers', treatment rooms and a Moroccan Hammam building.

As I was walking around a lovely lady came up to me and asked if I was ok. At this point i was in the makeover room, so I assumed she was a makeup artist.

But she turned out to be the Manager and I when mentioned my blog to her she was so helpful and asked to give me a private tour.

This is the mani\pedi area. I love that this area is solely dedicated to getting your nails done. I was also very impressed to see that they offer the Shellac/Gellish manicure. So all you ladies that live on the mainland you can get your Shellac manicure here for N2000! I got my nails done and was happy with them.

Incase you were wondering the second picture in the collage above is the ceiling in the mani/pedi area. I thought it was so pretty, had to take a picture.

The Barbers'

The wash basins at BNatural are sooo weird. They are almost like flat beds. Which means you are practically laying down on your back while you get your hair shampooed, don't know about you guys I found this really weird and a little uncomfortable. But it was something new, I guess... For me anyway.

This wash basin is in the barbers' by the way, but they've got the exact same in the salon.

 I got my hair done at the salon. Nothing major, just a wash and blow-dry. But since I had a weave I was asked to sit under the hair dryer for a while, so the wefts could dry. After 30 minutes I started getting agitated, because the hairdryers are a little funny. I had to ask the stylist if they were dryers or steamers. Cos they looked like steamers, but he said something about them being 'American Dryers' or something. But they weren't really drying much and I was getting more impatient by the second. After a while I just asked for my hair to be blow-dried, didn't care if the wefts were dry or not. I'd had enough of the 'dryer', that wasn't exactly drying anything.

The 'Culprits' Can you see said dryers here on the right. Funny looking, no? Still think they're steamers(.... Just messing! :p)

Treatment Room

Colonic Room. Both my girls got colonics when we went back the next weekend. I was too chicken, couldn't do it! But watching the ENTIRE process was hilarious and disturbing. I'll just say we definitely 'over-shared' a LOT that day. lol

Outdoor Pool (at the top) and indoor chill out areas (at the bottom).

BNatural have got a lot of beauty treatments on their books. I was pleasantly surprised to hear that they offer laser hair removal (verrrryyyy tempted to give this a try). If you want to know what sort of treatments they offer just give them a ring, I'll provide the contact details at the end of this post.

All in all my visit to BNatural was lovely, I couldn't stop 'oohing' and 'aching', it was THAT visually appealing. Can't say much about the treatments as I haven't had anything done yet except one, and I've got a review on that going up soon.


BNatural Spa

11 Oduduwa Way
GRA, Ikeja

Telephone Numbers: 08098028772, 08098038772

Here's a little sneak peek of what's to come in my next BNatural Post

Can you guess what Treatment I got?


Ez xxX


  1. Hi,thank you so much for your visit and your very fair review,we hope you will visit again soon,for the records it really is a dryer!!!but for weaves we put it on air dry that way the integrity of the hair quality remains so it will take a while to dry.
    You must have been in a hurry because towards the end we will take it a notch higher.browers,please give us your comments so you can help us do a beautiful job even better.CIAO

    1. Hello! :) Hahahaha!! I believe you. Yeah, I was in a hurry!

      Thanks for your comment! x

  2. That pool!! It looks so lovely.. ugh I dream of having one of those one day lol. x

  3. Yeah! glad to see a new post. I've seen those kind of dryers in the but hate dryers and steamers anyways-period.Hope to try one of those open top hair accelerators- seems like it would feel a lot less 'imprisoning' than the hooded ones.
    Cant see the picture but guess you might have tried the Hammam? When I lived in Dubai I was in a salon/spa every month or every other month and I absolutely love the clean and sleepy (yes tired and relaxed) feeling after having every inch of skin on my body exfoliated. if you didn't try it please do and let us know how it goes...been tempted to many times but postponed for one reason or another.

  4. The moroccan hammam maybe? My friend got it and she looked so divine! You shd do a before and after photo of yourself

  5. Great place like the photos very much i like the pool very much.Seems to be a good spa would try it thanks for your sharing.

  6. You were definitely right. Those dryers are hair steamers for treatments. Guess they need to educate their staffs ;)

  7. Wow, this is pretty interesting. Inspiring, as well. Thanks for sharing such inspiring experience with us. Great blog, congrats.!

  8. They are opening a new branch at V.I as soon as next weekend, i can't wait to do the shellac thing and of course get rid of some hairs...

  9. I called and they said shellac was 2000 for mani and 3000 for pedi, and when I came to pay at the end she was like ' oh no no, this is a mistake its 5000 for mani and 5000 for pedi', so that was a bummer and I felt a bit cheated. Also the pedi was not that great and I have nail polish all around my nails on my skin. I also got a swedish massage which was really nice and worth it.

  10. I have to ask this,do they treat pimples,scar and acne?

  11. I'l luv to try dis place anybody ve an idea on ow much a massage wld cost? Tnx

  12. Any idea on ow much a body massage wld cost?

    1. them,there's a link to their website up there

  13. Had a facial chemical peel @ the Abuja branch, it was really good, going for the second one next month


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