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Thursday, 31 May 2012


Hey Everyone, sorry about the lack of posts. My 9-5 has been kicking me in the behind the past few weeks. But the good news is, I've got quite a few posts lined up. So let's get to the first one on the list....

Perhaps it's at this point that I hang my head in shame as I retract a former statement that went like this: "OMG OLIVE OIL EDGE CONTROL IS THE MOST AMAZING THING I'VE COME ACROSS IN A WHILE"... Yup, I am taking all that back because I think I have found something even more amazing for your edges.

This is by a brand called Syntonics, I don't really have much information on this brand only that it is a high-end product which works really well with all hair-types.
I actually bought this BEFORE I bought the stuff by Olive Oil, and because this wasn't what I was after, I didn't really use it as much. But once I got the Olive Oil and had used that for a few weeks, I found it lacked something. It just did not stay on the hair as long as I liked, it never got me through a full day at work.

So I thought I'd go BACK to the Syntonics one and see how it faired in comparison. And I must say, it so much better than the Olive Oil one. I know I made a big song and dance about it before, but honestly this Syntonics stuff is really good.. for my hair anyway. We all know with beauty/cosmestics/hair products it's all down to personal preference.

This is a RUBBISH Picture I know. Here's what is says "Provides shine and  ultimate frizz-free control for sleeked-back hairlines and short tapered nape areas. Directions: Apply a small amount and smooth with fingertips or styling comb/brush"

One very noticeable difference is that the Syntonics one is much much easier to apply. It's not as solid as the Olive Oil one, not as sticky and it absorbs quicker. It also has a 'minty' scent to it, but there is no warm-sensation (when applied) that typically goes with such scents, which is odd but doesn't bother me much.

With it being of a high-end brand, it is more expensive than the Olive Oil stuff.

SYNTONICS EDGE DEFINE, Hairline Smoother - N1880

I bought this from a beauty supply store/salon in Lekki Phase 1 called 'Stylez' (A post shall go up about this store in the coming weeks)

Also wanted to say thank you to the ladies that replied my Olive Oil Edge Control posts with their products they use for their edges. I had no idea there were quite a few brands with their own 'edge control' stuff on the market! :)

Oh and in case you were wondering what happened to my Olive Oil Edge Control, it has found a new home on my sister's vanity table. It works really well for her. It's like I said, these things are a matter of personal preference :)

What do you use for your edges?

Ez xxX


  1. I use hicks total transformation edge pomade,im natural so this is really a staple, its the only thing that works on my hair. the edge control for the carols daughter line also works pretty good!

    1. Got a few questions about what works for natural hair-types. Thanks for sharing these! xx

  2. Hi ezinne. I have been obsessed with my edges after braids yanked my baby hair out. I use Profectiv Root Stimulant for mine. Loooove it and the smell too. It comes with an applicator that makes it really easy to use. P.s love your blog!

    1. I like the sound of this Profectiv Root Stimulant... especially the 'Root Stimulant' bit. Going to have to look around for it this weekend. And Thank You!! x

  3. I use the olive oil edge control and it doesn't just stay on all day! I'll definitely try this one out. P.s I love ur blog! Please check mine out when you can

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  5. Ahhh! Ez, you life saver! I was about to go back to a salon in GRA Ikeja to buy this fab product for (wait for it.....) 4,000N until I randomly saw your review! I will definitely make a trip to this place in Lekki instead.

    Used it for the first time when I was at the salon doing a retouch the other day and it was revolutionary!!! I too have been using ORC but I'm not a fan of the white residue.

    anyway, thanks for ze tip!XX

  6. I will try the syntonic edge define product. Heard about edge control products, but never used it. Thank you Ez.


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