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Thursday, 14 June 2012


So you guys that follow me on twitter will remember a little while back I mentioned Zara's (from mouldyfruit) Moroccan Hammam experience. She got hers done at a popular spa in Morocco. After reading the post I was extremely interested and intrigued. A treatment that's basically an intense exfoliation of the body, from head to toe. Someone tweeted back that I could get a Hammam done in Lagos at the BNatural spa. I asked So a few days later I was chatting with my girls and mentioned Hammam to them, turned out that one of them was very familiar with it and actually gets it done regularly at BNatural. So we all planned to get it done, set a date and that was that.

BNatural have actually got an entire bungalow, on their premises dedicated to Hammam treatments.

 This is where you get changed ( I really should say this is were you get naked and then throw on a robe)

 The Process: Blow-by-blow of how it ALLLL went down.

So I get changed out of my clothes, knickers and bra included, and put on the robe I'd been given. The lady comes in and tells me to follow her. She leads me into the hammam room and asks me to take my robe off.
I do and I am completely naked, it's hilarious. Then she showers me down and rubs some natural soap all over my body; the consistence is oil-like. After she's got every inch of my body covered in the soap, she leads me to the steam room and asks me to sit down on a towel and shows she a smaller towel and says its just for my eyes. I'm like my eyes? Why would I need a towel just for my eyes? Boy, did I find out why lol! Oh and a little advice ladies, it's best you have no makeup on, even if you aren't getting your face done as well. So I sit in the steam room for about 15-20mins, and she comes and takes me back in to the hammam room and showers me down again. After she tells me to lay on my back on a slab, which is basically like a bed but made of marble (lol) with a headrest.

Marble Slab
And THEN the scrubbing begins, she starts on one side beginning with my arms and then works her way down and repeats on the other side. I notice little black rolls on my skin and she says that's all dead skin. And then she tells me to flip over and scrubs scrub scrub. The scrubbing isn't too painful, I'd describe it as 'Very Scratchy'. She says my skin is too 'light' so she's not gonna scrub as hard, but boy it was a little too scratchy for me, but bearable. When she's done she asks me to sit up, then she gets my neck and back of my ears done. After, it's another shower-down and then she rubs some stuff thats got a menthol scent and a rough texture. And asks me to go back in the steam room for 2mins. Once I'm out she showers it off and that was it!
As much as I loved the Hammam, I didn't exactly find anything spectacular about it. It's seemed like a regular body scrub to me. I went along within two of my girls and one of them said the exact same thing. The lady who gave me the treatment did mention I didn't have that much dead skin (good thing right? I dunno :s ). I felt it was over really quick. But it was a little more than 45mins long. And because of my sensitive skin I got a LOT 'bruises'. But BNatural actually mention on their site that  you are likely to get bruises. Don't know if they were bruises but there were  tiny red dots like on the inner part of my arm and some like clustered. It's weird to describe. So yeah, that's my first Hammam experience shared with all you guys.

They've got quite a few different hammam options. The one I got was called something 'Lightening'.. I got this a few months ago so can't remember (shame on me for my procrastination on getting this up)

So I had a reaction to this treatment. I won't say it's down to Bnatural, because my friend gets this done alll the time. Although she gets a different type of hammam, I think she gets the regular one. I wanted to 'experiment' and it didn't go well. I got like 'rashes' all over my body. They weren't massive or anything, but they did itch and were very uncomfortable. They cleared up in about 2weeks and didn't leave any scarring, so that's alright.
I won't say I'll never get a Hammam ever again, but my skin is so so sensitive that I hardly 'do' anything to it. I have NEVER even had a facial, I'm THAT scared. But would I recommend a 'Moroccan Hammam' to anyone? ABSOLUTELY! It's an amazing experience, and your skin feels reallly smooth after.

Now because I have been SOOO lazy in getting this post up. I cannot remember how much this treatment cost. But I can give you an estimate.


Hope you enjoyed this post, although it is so late!

PS: My tenses in this post are appalling, I typed this up once I finished the treatment so I've got my 'past' and 'present' tenses all jumbled up. It was typed in the 'past' but edited in the 'present'... lol. I have issues, I know, forgive!

Ever had a Moroccan Hammam? How'd it go for you?


Ez xxX


  1. Hey Ez,

    I got one done recently in a place called Crystal Palace Spa in Paddington, London.

    I found the experience lovely! the process seems a bit different to yours though. Here goes:

    so this place is a lovely little spa in the heart of Paddington thats run by turkish and middle eastern people.

    When we got there, like you, we stripped off (I wore a bikini) and were directed to the sauna where we sat for about 20 minutes to soften our skin and make our pores more receptive to the scrubbing onslaught about to take place!

    We were then taken into the hamman treatment room by these two middle eastern ladies (also wearing their swimwear!)where we were placed on marble slabs just as you had described.

    they then covered us in a milky substance and then the scrubbing began o..... as in.....they scrubbed and scrubbed! from the soles of our feet right up to our faces (they asked us beforehand if we were ok with them scrubbing our faces and we said yes and they scrubbed lightly) they flipped up over and scubbed our backs as well. at intervals, they would splash us with lots of warm water to get the dead skin etc off.

    the next stage was to cover us in a foaming substance which smelt of honey and give us a wet, deep tissue massage. They stretched our arms, legs, everything!

    they then washed it off with warm water again then they covered up in a mud mask (faces as well). they left us there for a little while (10 minutes) then they did another little massage with the mask on us then the mud got washed off.

    that was the end of the treatment so we moisturised ourselves and got ready to leave. They offered us some mint tea as that is what is traditionally drank after hamman treatments to counter act the dehydration caused by the steam.

    I could still feel the effects up to two weeks afterwards - my skin just felt super soft and supple. It was as if the elasticity had been increased greatly by the treatment.

    I would definately do it again! and i would recommend it for brides-to-be as well. Its a great treatment to do every two weeks or so in the lead up to the Big Day!

    I'm quite good about scrubbing myself anyway and I agree with you that similar results could be achieved by going to a steam room at a gym or something and giving yourself a good scrub afterwards but, for me, it was about the whole experience and the fact that these ladies were seasoned professionals!

    Sorry for the long post but that was my hamman experience here in the UK and it was wonderful!

    1. Ahh!! Can I just be reallly creepy and say I LOVE YOU for sharing this!Your treatment is quite different with the mud mask and keeping your bikini on. I actually brought my bikini along and the lady said no no no! lol

      Thanks sooo much for sharing! xx

  2. Hi Ez,
    I had a few in Bnatural in Abuja and they were all fabulous.
    My skin glowed like a light bulb was put behind it.
    I will recommend it to anyone who loves to be pampered.

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  4. Were is b natural located in lagos

  5. I am so grateful to find your particular post. I have bookmarked this website and I will keep visiting you for further such interesting posts.

  6. It's too expensive for 15000naira the jar of soap that 8 people can use is 25dhs.i did mine at emirate grand in dubai sheikh Zayed. I don't it twice there excellent


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