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Monday, 23 January 2012


So today I'm posting about one of my favourite 'drug store' brands... Sleek Makeup. Quite a few ladies in Lagos have got this mentality where it's MAC/IMAN or nothing else. Ladies there are A LOT of other amazing affordable and high-end brands out there. It's up to you to explore them. Mac and Iman are sold in Lagos, but that's for another post, today is all about SLEEK MAKEUP.

There are a number of Sleek Makeup distributors scattered around Lagos, from the Mainland to the Island. On the Island (which is where I live) I know of 3stores, one in Ikoyi, the head office in V/I and another in Ikota (VGC). If you live on the island and are after some Sleek Makeup, I suggest you head to the Ikoyi store, which is the one I go to (Address, as always, at the end of this post). They do sell makeup in the V/I store, but I noticed they've got a larger selection of their Sleek Hair Extensions/Weaves, than makeup.

I love the way the interior of the store is done up!

This past weekend I 'dragged' a couple of my girls with me to the store and they ALL bought something! ^_^.

They have a pretty good stock of merchandise in there (most of their stuff are in cupboards underneath the display). Although, they don't get the new releases as soon as they are out in the UK. I remember when I was after their Primer Palette it wasn't in the store until a few weeks after it was released.

They also have an area where you can test out the products or find your colour match to their variety of foundations and powders

Here's what I bought from the store.

Been after the 'Oh So Special' Eyeshadow Palette, they've had it in the store for ages, but after purchasing the Urban Decay 'Naked' palette I forgot about it.... But now I've got it :). If you like Nude Colours, this is the palette for you,

Sorry about the horrible picture here, couldn't quite balance the 'flash' and 'focus' on my camera, still learning :)

I got this gorgeous purple lipstick called Amethyst. Plan on wearing it at my birthday dinner next weekend! They applied the colour to my lips and it's an amazing shade. My girl, Shamzz, even had to get one after she saw it on me!

Here's all the Sleek Makeup I've got so far. I LOVE their eyeshadow palettes (as you can, the colours are so pigmented and last a long time. I've got the 'Original' 'Storm' 'Oh So Special' and 'Primer' Palettes. If you have got oily lids I suggest you use a primer. Their primer palette is quite good ;).

I've also got their New Skin Revive Founation. Seen a lot of positive reviews of this. Even Shirley's got it listed as one of her favourite liquid foundations. Haven't actually got round to using this yet, would let you know how I get on in another post.

Here's a table of some item prices at the Sleek Makeup store in Ikoyi


You know what? After looking at this prices, I think their prices have gone up this New Year, or the price sheet the sales lady gave me was wrong. Either way, this should give you a rough idea of how much they go for out here.

1st Floor, The Ark Building,
38 Awolowo Road,
Ikoyi Lagos
(basically the same building as Sweet Sensation on Awolowo Road :))

So, if you haven't tried anything from Sleek Makeup, I suggest you check it out.

Anyone out there a Sleek Makeup Fan?
What Sleek Makeup item have you got?

ps: Sorry about the shoddy picture quality in this post. I'm working on my photography skills.

Ez xxX


  1. This is shamzz :-) lol.I never wud have tot of buying any other make-up brand dan MAC but now I'm appreciating other costmetic brands,my expericence @ d sleek store was heavenly and the lip stick is a killer, I'm even going back 2 buy more.thanks boo ;-)

  2. You should do a post on MUD! I am obsessed with their foundation and lipglosses!


  3. @Shamzz! Hey bebe! Do u like your new name? lol! It's not only always about MAC! Stick with me and you'll discover many other ;) xx

    @Tade OMG! I was just saying the other day when I was stood infront of the M.U.D Concession at the L'Espace store, that I would LOVE to try something from them. Might make that my next Makeup Purchase. Also heard that their Foundation's really good! Thanks for commenting xxx

  4. What's the colors inside the palette tho? :p

  5. @Yewi felt this post was a little too picture-heavy already. Would do a separate post this week, showing the colours in the palette and the lipstick turned out of the bullet! :)xxx

  6. The more pic the better!!!

    Love the eye liner black i bought there very darrrrrk! Used it today...loveddd itttt

    And i used my newly purchased olive oil and baby wipes to remove the eye liner and it wooorked took everything off in one wipe

    1. Thanks Mo! Glad u're enjoying the tips! :) x

  7. I loveeee the sleek eyeshadow palettes Been using them since bout 08 and although I'm still a MAC fan they r realllly good alternatives! I love my black liquid eyeliner and sleek have one that is great! I wud def recommend!

    1. I know! Apart from the fallout, which is manageable, they are of great quality!! Haven't tried their liquid eyeliner. I'm very 'anal' when it comes to liners. I'm currently loving L'Oreal Carbon Black Liner. Tend to like mine with a glossy finish. Would have a look at the Sleek offerings though. Thanks for that. xxx

  8. I have been a loyal SLEEK customer since 2008; although i won' call myself a make-up expert but the little i use, i go SLEEK! I use their pressed powder, eye pencil; midnight twist, their 'divine' eyeshadow, mascara, lipgloss and liquid liner. perfect for me and i love it!

  9. I LOVE my MAC and too scared to depart from it especially since I found out about their I guess I will give Sleek a try since its so hard to find that particular MAC in my color.
    Quick question: do u know if sleek makes their own version of mineralized powder?? pls help! thanks boo! kennie

    1. Hi Kennie! From my knowledge, Sleek don't offer mineralized powder as part of their products. But go in to their store and have a look.

  10. I LOVE SLEEK. SO much that i became a distributor early 2008. I'm a MAC fan but I also love good makeup, whatever the brand. You have to try Fawn lipstick. it's the best nude EVER. I love their brow pencil as well. If I remember correctly, Ebeano has some Sleek products as well, I go there when I'm hunting discontinued palettes like the safari palette.Don't you just love their face contour kit? I'm not a fan of their mascara, but everything else is pretty good, and for the price? mehn, MAC can like to take a seat, thanks. Their cream-to-powder foundation is also very good. a little thick, but can be sheered out with a damp buffer brush. ok i'm rambling.

    great blog!!

    1. I'm with you on being a MAC lover, but it's all about good makeup not the brand! Gonna make a note of Fawn, one can NEVER have too many nudes! :) Yeah Ebeano have got some lipsticks, glosses and palettes amongst other things. But not a huge selection, I got my Storm palette there.
      Their face contour kit is MAGIC! I have hit pan on mine, need to repurchase. I can see myself repurchasing that over and over again. I know, their mascaras aren't anything special, but the 'Eye Drama' mascara isn't to bad, it gives more length than volume. Just that the brush is too fiddly for my liking. Meh.
      No no no!! You aren't rambling at all! I love reading and talking makeup! :). Definitely going to pick up Fawn!

      Thanks for reading! :) x

  11. you need to try the Fawn lipstick. great no-fuss-need-a-lipliner-and-a-mirror nude.

  12. Hi dear, nice one! I use sleek translucent powder(light 276) which Zaron powder can match that pls?

  13. Hello. Please anyone knows if there is and if yes where sleek makeup shop/studio in Port Harcourt? thank you,

  14. I love sleek product too and ave bin going crazy over here luking 4 dir store but didn't find any so I decided not 2 use any make up den till I get it

  15. Thanks a million, this is so helpful, been looking out every where for them cos am new in now am out to get my best product *dancing*

  16. Is the any sleek store in Abuja?


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