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Wednesday, 25 January 2012


Now, please believe, it KILLS me to write this post, because I'd much rather prefer this was kept a secret. The more people that know, the fewer my chances of getting anything. *sulk*

Elsie Vintage is an online vintage blog-store that holds once a month, and it is the brainchild of fellow Nigerian-blogger Onyinye Fafi Obi. OMG! I feel like shedding a tear while I type this up...

Anyway, she sells some awesome vintage pieces and I am pretty sure quite a few GREEDY LADIES AGREE, BECAUSE WHEN I PARTICIPATED IN MY FIRST BLOG SALE NOTHING I WANTED WAS AVAILABLE.... YES I AM YELLING. I am still quite salty from my first experience. Sale started at 12pm, I sent my email at 12.05pm, the first 2pieces I picked were ALREADY SOLD.... *aaannnd breathe*

Picture Taken From Fashion Phoenix
Price: N3000
3rd email sent, here's what I selected. And it was available!

Here's how I styled it. I love it! Wore this to church on Christmas Day

Picture Taken From Fashion Phoenix
Price: N2500

This is the second item I got (just the shorts). I've worn it, but just with a white tank top. Wore it Christmas Eve to run errands, so wasn't anything special. It's a pair of high waisted flared shorts. What I love about it is at first glance you'd thing it was a skirt, because of the way it flares! LOVE! When I style it properly I'll be sure to post a picture :)

The Next Sale is Scheduled for the 28th of January, 2012! And I have a secret plan on how I am going to get the items I want. *muahahahahaha!!* (Supposed to be saving up for my birthday festivities, but.... Y.O.L.O!!)

The pieces and items are only revealed once the sale goes live, and I think the idea is genius. Nothing like a bit of secrecy to drive shopaholics mad in anticipation. They also sell accessories. The price range is from N500-N4000. Yup, most expensive item in any sale is N4000 (£16).

Follow Elsie Vintage Here! on Twitter to get regular updates and also follow me for good measure: BeautyInLagos :D (I am pathetic... lol)

Items are delivered free of charge to any location in Lagos!

Are there any other fashion blog-sales/stores in Lagos?
Point me in the Right Direction :)

Ez xxX


  1. Ooh the skirt is very lovely :) got something very similar the other day, for three hundred naira though :)

  2. Whaaaat! That's a Bargaaiinn. You must be getting yours directly from the source! Thanks for sharing! :) xxx

  3. Thanks ez for the post! :)
    @Anonymous whaaaattt???? N300?? i need that source fast. LOL

  4. Hey Ez...pls where r d items show-cased?
    Where can they be viewed pls?

    1. Hi Yetunde. The monthly sale is on every last Saturday of the month on this site And the next sale is this Saturday, 26th. The also have a catalogue they circulate, send them an email

    2. Email: :) x

  5. I need where I can get sleek products. Address or phone number. Thank you.


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