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Wednesday, 4 May 2016


MAC counters in Nigeria now offer makeover and lesson services! If you follow me on Instagram (@BeautyInLagos), I'm sure this won't be news to you because I shared this on there last week and also gave a heads-up that I will be snapchatting whilst in-store. I'm sure quite a few people already assumed these services had always been available, because they are offered at pretty much every MAC counter worldwide, but we actually didn't have this here, until recently. I was really happy about this, perhaps next up will be to introduce the 'Back2MAC' service *hint hint MAC Nigeria*.

Anyways, yesterday afternoon I went down to the MAC store at the Palms Mall, to experience and get some information about their  makeover and training services. You can pre-book an appointment or walk-in, subject to availability. The fee charged for your makeover or lesson is fully redeemable against M.A.C products purchased at the appointment. Basically, you're getting a free makeover and purchasing makeup. For example, if you booked a makeover service which costs N15,000, you are entitled to N15,000 worth of MAC products! I shared my experience over on snapchat yesterday (Username: BeautyInLagos), but I have shared a few pictures below and at the end of the post are the prices and services provided here in Nigeria. Enjoy!

APPLICATIONS & LESSONS (by appointment only)

Focus Feature Lesson in 30 - N7,500
Applied and taught by a  M.A.C. Artist in just 30 minutes, with step-by-step guidance. This service focuses on teaching makeup application on a particular facial feature: eyes, eyebrows, face contouring or lips

Express Makeup Application in 30 - N10,000
A limited makeup application for those on the move, applied by a M.A.C. Artist in 30 minutes

Full Makeup Application - N15,000
A full makeup look from lips to lashes, applied by a M.A.C. Artist in 60 minutes. Includes a face chart to help you recreate it at home.

Full Makeup Lesson - N15,000
A full makeup tutorial to master making up your own face, working feature by feature wih a M.A.C. Artist for 90 minutes. Includes a face chart to help you recreate it at home.

M.A.C. Technique - N20,000
Workshops led by M.A.C. Artisrs. Something for everyone. The sharpest, most stylish and authoritatice way to take away everything out Artists made famous.

Bridal - N150,000
Wedding day or special event makeup, specially created by a highly skilled M.A.C. Artists to complement your style or theme in 90 minutes (prior consultation recommended)

I enjoyed my experience, thanks M.A.C. for having me :)

Ez xxX


  1. Your makeup looked really nice, good to see that mac offers these services.

  2. Great stuff,this is such a good deal.
    As for back to MAC, a friend did it at the Ikeja store abt 2 years ago and got a lipstick free. I hope they haven't stopped it

  3. I'm so happy about their store opening in Nigeria. Can't wait to visit Lagos. Missed reading this blog.

  4. WOW! Do you realize what this means? The weekly 10/15k for wedding makeup can be used for makeup AND MAC products too? I'm so giddy


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