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Tuesday, 7 July 2015


Hi Everyone,

Before I get into this post, just wanted to share links to sites that have posted more pictures from BiL Directory Launch party! I couldn't share all the pictures on here because that would've made an already long post, even longerrrr lol. So if you'd like  to see more pictures from the event: Bella Naija, Genevieve Magazine & Complete Fashion Magazine have got you covered!

Ok, back to today's post...

A couple of weeks ago I attended the 4th edition of the Lagos Makeup Fair (LMUF). I have attended every single one they've had since they started the series and to see how much it's grown since is amazing. I remember when I attended the first edition (click here), and how excited I was to be there. It was the year I started blogging and just could not believe how many makeup brands were available to buy here in Lagos.

Fast forward 3 years later, and LMUF is just bigger and better than ever. More vendors, better quality-control on products being sold, a bigger event space and lots of attendees. If you are a true makeup junkie or beauty-enthusiast in Lagos, LMUF really is where you satisfy all your cravings!

Was happy to see a number of BiL Directory vendors at the Fair! :)

The Makeup Fair Series tours the nation, and their next one is in August (next month) in Abuja, Abuja Makeup Fair (AMUF).

I did purchase a few things at the fair and I will be sharing my haul in my next post!

Who else attended LMUF this year?

Ez xxX


  1. Wow! Proudly Nigerian!
    Want to connect more with Nigerian bloggers and the online community in Nigeria. Any tips?


    1. Hiya! It's quite impressive isn't it?

      Most of the other bloggers I met at blogger/beauty events out here. Online, I'd say twitter and instagram are a good way to start. Hope Ive helped in some way. But please feel free to email me, if you want to discuss this further xx

  2. Please when in August is the makeup fair? And how do I get details please?

    1. The Fair in August is in Abuja, on the 22nd. You can checkout their page on instagram @themakeupfair or send them an email xx


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