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Thursday, 9 July 2015


Hiya Everyone,

Here with my LMUF4 haul, as promised. I did not go too crazy this time because 1.) I now officially have way too much makeup and 2.) I had a short list of specific items I wanted, and I got them!..... *goteeeeeeem*... sorry, I lack self-control sometimes lol

This was all I picked up, Glitter and Lipstick! Self-control and a tight list work wonders you see!

This year I was also invited down by BeautyRevNG to chill at their booth and have a little 'meet and greet'. Been meaning to say thanks to all you guys who stopped by to say Hi!... so THANK YOU! :)

BeautyRevNG Purchases

So remember when I mentioned in this post that I was obsessed with liquid lipsticks, it is now VERY official. I have something of a little collection going and I plan to share swatches really soon. I also noticed my collection only had darks, reds and brights in there and I wanted some neutral colours to wear like everyday.

Lime Crime Velvetine 'Bleached' - N6,500
Bleached is a lovely light-peach shade, dries matte and lasts a very long time. It also smells like ice-cream!

Dose of Colors Liquid Lipstick 'Stone' - N6,500
I also wanted a 'rosey-mauve'-toned liquid lipstick and after seeing 'Stone' from the Dose of Colors' 'Terra Collection', I was on a haunt. Lucky for me, BeautyRevNG got it just in time for LMUF4 and since I was a 'guest' at their stand for the day, I snatched it up as soon as arrived!

Once I applied it, it was pure love!

Beauty Kink Purchases

I haven't got any loose glitter shadows in my collection. I hardly ever wear glitter on my eyes, but there's a few occasions that call for glitter... New Years', Birthdays,  BiL Directory Launch Party, etc. When I've got an event or some big occasion coming up, first thing I start to put together in my head is my makeup look. And knew I needed glitter on my eyes for my launch event and I was after a particular colour. When I saw Beauty Kink's instagram video of the new Eye Kandy glitters they had just received, I made a note to visit their stand at the fair.

They had the EXACT colour I was after. It's a silver base with multicoloured holographic glitter running through. I could not believe my luck!

Eye Kandy glitter in 'Confetti' - N2,500
If you were at the event and wondered what I had on my eyes it was some eyeshadow topped with this baby. Please note you will need to purchase some glitter glue to go with glitter eyeshadow, otherwise the glitter won't 'stick' to your lid. Glitter isn't loose pigment, which works with a spritz of some Fix+ on a brush. You will need glitter glue.

BH Cosmetics Gliiter Collection Loose Glitter - N2,000
Also purchased these  BH Cosmetics babies. The black glitter was intriguing and I thought it could add a little 'something' to a black smokey eye. And I have been after pure gold glitter for a while.

I was very pleased with my purchases this year, no regrets!

Did you attend LMUF4? What did you get?

Ez xxX


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  1. Ez,I got alot! I came with a list and stuck to it. Some RT expert face,setting, powder brushes. I also got bdellium eye brushes,magnolia bam lippie n pigments, lock on lash all from Stellas addiction. Embryolisse and BEN beauty mat from Nsure weren't left out. You can check out the picture on blog.


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