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Wednesday, 3 June 2015


Hey Everyone!

Last week Wednesday I was invited down to the Federal Palace Hotel in Victoria Island for the exclusive Lagos launch of Bvlgari's 'Le Gemme' perfume range in Africa.

 You guys will be pleased to know I took my camera along with me this time to capture the event. I know I asked a while ago if you all would like for me to take pictures at events I am invited to, and most of you said yes. I hope I did a decent job :)

The Le Gemme collection was first launched worldwide in London (Harrods) and Singapore, in June 2013. Nigeria is the first to experience Bvlgari perfume in Africa!

Bvlgari decided to bring the collection to Africa, and chose to launch in Lagos, Nigeria! This is a very big deal in my opinion because, of all the other gorgeous countries on the continent, they picked Nigeria! This is a testimony to how far we have come and where we are headed as a nation. I had a chat with the owner of the company responsible for bringing such luxury brands to Nigeria and she said that now more than ever, people are looking to Africa as the emerging market for opportunities. This is pure music to my ears!

For this collection of perfumes they worked with world-renowned perfumer, Daniela Andrier. She is known to work on small, niche (exclusive) projects and she seemed a perfect fit when Bvlgari was looking for a perfumer. For the fragrances, Daniela drew inspiration from Color, Light & Emotion. Bvlgari is famed for their use of precious stones, and with this collection, they used precious stones from diverse continents as a means to transport their customer on a journey to other worlds and times.

During the event there was a short presentation by Caroline Ferlay of Bvlgari, she talked us through the inspiration and idea behind the collection. As she introduced each scent, the lovely models spritzed them on scent-cards and distributed them round the room. It was absolute perfume overload! I loved it. I ended up with two favourites at the end of the presentation

L-R: Lilaia & Calaluna
These two were my fave!! I cannot describe scents so I will just type out what's mentioned in the little booklet that was in our Gift-bags.

Lilaia - The treasured secret of Egypt's Ancient Pharaohs
Its uplifting fragrance diffuses the captivating and rejuvenatin energy of nature
Perfume Notes: Galbanum, Mastic Absolute & Musk

Calaluna - From the wondrous and thriving lands of Sri Lanka
Its white, milky fragrance envelops you in a unique aura of comfort, protection & well-being
Perfume Notes: White Iris, Heliotrope & Sandalwood

L-R: Noorah & Amarena
Noorah - From Nishapur, the long journey from Orient to Occident
Its rich, mysterious, sensual fragrance captures the magnificence of the Silk & Spice Routes
Perfume Notes: Narguile Vapors, Candied Dates & Laotian Benzoin

Amarena - Across the magical lands of Brazil & Madagascar
Its colorfully exuberant, lush fragrance captures the essence of bright, extroverted feminity
Perfume Notes: Amarena Cherry, Rose Centifolia, Indian Tuberose

L-R: Maravilla & Ashlemah

Maravilla - A journey into the sunlit Iberian Peninsula
It is a bright, elegant fragrance, a perfect blend of sun-drenched citrus notes intertwined with a hint of joyful peach and embedded in a beautiful, refined chypre accord.
Perfume Notes: Italian Lemon Tree, Orange Flower Absolute, Indonesian Patchouli Essence

Ashlemah - Along the Gems Road, in the heart of ancient Europe
Its a truly noble, distinguished fragrance that envelopes you in aristocratic elegance
Perfume Notes: Lavender Essence, Iris Absolute & Musk

All guests went home with a bag each! I will reveal the contents of mine in a post tomorrow, as this post is long enough already (coupled with the fact that I like a bit of suspense... lol)

Bvlgari 'Le Gemme' collection will be sold exclusively at all Essenza stores nationwide, launching first at the Essenza store in Ikeja City Mall, Lagos.
Price: TBC (keep an eye on my instagram page, I will most likely share the price on there when I get it. Username: BeautyInLagos)

Hope you enjoyed this post!


Ez xxX



  1. Love the bottles, I would totally buy one just to stare at it on my table :)


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