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Thursday, 4 June 2015


Hey Guys,

So as promised in my previous post, I am now going to reveal the contents of the giftbags distributed at the Bvlgari event.

We all went away with a 30ml bottle of either Noorah or Amarena. And as you can see, I got Noorah.

From the packaging to the bottle everything about this perfume just oozes luxury, and I expected nothing less to be honest. I had a hard time chucking the packaging in the bin :(. Only gripe is the 30ml bottles come with a rounded bottom, which means you can only lay it on it's side. It's actually very portable, which leads me to believe these are meant to be carried around in your bag for touch-ups or days you forget to wear perfume before leaving the house, you can just whip this out. The 100ml is different though, as you could see in my previous post. Those were the 100ml bottles.

We also got a selection of a few samples and my beloved Lilaia was one of them *skip skip skip*

Like I already mentioned in my previous post, I will be sure to let you know when these are available for purchase, as well as how much they will be going for. To give you an idea, click here to find out how much they go for for at Harrods.

Hope you all enjoy the rest of your day!


Ez xxX


  1. The bottle is everything... Sigh!! *lovestruck*

  2. The bottle is stunning but not the biggest fan of that cyan blue hue used



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