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Thursday, 18 December 2014


Hello Everyone,

On Tuesday the16th December 2014, I was graciously invited over to the Oriental Hotel in Lekki for the launch of a new fragrance by Ralph Lauren. L'Oreal Luxe that recently setup shop here; responsible for brands like LancĂ´me and YSL in Nigeria (mentioned in my post here) are also behind this as well.

The 'Polo Oud' fragrance was being launched for the first time ever (worldwide) right here in Lagos, Nigeria. This was what was said at the event! And will be exclusive to the Middle East and Africa regions.

If you fancy yourself a bit of a perfume connoisseur (like my little sister I invited as my plus-one to the event), you should be familiar with the other fragrances by Polo: Polo Red, Blue etc., and this is not to be confused with 'Polo Black'. This is a brand new fragrance they only just launched, 'Supreme Oud'.

I believe most of us are familiar with Oud scents. I have mentioned numerous times that I am rubbish at describing scents, but I did learn at the event that the very unique scent of Oud is obtained from a rare species of Agarwood trees found in the Middle East and Southeast Asia, is the most expensive ingredient included in perfumery. It's actually valued at approximately 1 and a half times more than gold.

Like with all Oud scents this perfume is no different. That distinct 'heady' intensely unique oud aroma is present and cannot be mistaken. This is the first masculine Eau De Parfum, yes it is for men. But it works pretty fine for me, and my sister certainly had NO complaints :).

For you guys who know a bit more about perfume than I do, I took notes for y'all ;) (There was an entire video presentation on this). This perfume was created by Master Perfumer Carlos Benaim, whose vision was to bring a new interpretation to an oud fragrance. He describes it as "memorable, masculine and intoxicating".

Intoxicating is right! I wore this today and as I am sat typing this I can still smell it very strongly and this is 5 hours in. Top Notes: Cinnamon & Pink Pepper, Mid Note: Smoky Oud & Base Notes Guaiac Vetiver Wood

Where To Buy

Store: Essenza Stores Nationwide
Launch: 2015

In Lagos Essenza Stores are located at both The Palms and Ikeja City Malls as well as Prince Ebeano Supermarket in Lekki Phase 1

If you guys know anymore Essenza locations around the country, please share in the comments section.

I'd like to ask, would like for me to take some pictures at these events I am invited to? No red carpet style post or pictures of people. Just some shots to capture the ambience (if I can) and make it seem like you all attended the event with me. Let me know in the comments section and I will definitely make an effort to lug my camera around with me

Hope you all enjoyed this post!


Ez xxX



  1. yes! it would be very nice to see photos of these events :)

  2. Yes. But you can still smell the perfume on you and that's after 5 hours can we still wait till tomorrow to know how long it will last better because I love good perfume. Thanks.


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