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Wednesday, 17 December 2014



Like I mentioned in my last post about the palettes by Anastasia Beverly Hills (ABH), next on my 'hit list' was the 'Tamanna' palette. If you would like to better understand the concept behind each of these palettes, you should read this post as I would (naturally) be comparing this palette with the 'Amrezy' one.

You know what's weird, I was initially just interested in the 'Amrezy' palette because she was the only one out of all the online beauty-gurus involved I was familiar with. And then when ABH announced that they would be releasing another with @DressYourFace's Tamanna Roashan and they revealed the colours in the palette, my interest was piqued. Bare in mind I had already ordered and paid for the 'Amrezy' palette at this time.

You know when you see something for the first time and all of a sudden you just start noticing it almost everywhere? That's what happened with Tamanna, not the palette 'Tamanna', but the actual makeup artist. So seeing more of her work and her skills and her love for OTT Glam makeup like myself, I decided to purchase the 'Tamanna' palette.

Tamanna's signature makeup look is a bold cut crease and an Arabic Eye and she believes both can be achieved using this palette.

The palette comes with these handy 'Get The Look' cards, which I love! You know how you watch makeup tutorials on youtube and you want to recreate it, but you haven't got a few of the shadows used. These cards are just genius!


All the shades in this palette are well-pigmented and blend beautifully. It holds 4 matte and 6 beautiful soft shimmery/frost-finish shades.

Anastasia Beverly Hills 'Tamanna' Palette - N7,500

I get a lovely transition colour out of 'Bengal', a crease definer/darkener from 'Chocolate' and outer corner and brow bone shades from 'Noir' and 'Fresh' respectively. So the matte shades are all awesome for defining the eye. The shimmery/frost finishes are mostly neutrals with the exception of 'Venezia', which is a lovely teal and 'Bengal' a rich cranberry shade. I like to use 'Venezia' along my lower lashline for a nice pop of colour and 'Bengal' sometimes in the crease. All the other shimmery shades are great lid colours. I particularly love 'Blush' and 'Gilded'. 'Custom' is a unique one, it's a medium beige/brown shade which can be used together with 'Noir' to create a very interesting smokey eye. 'China Rose' and 'Bengal' I don't quite like. I personally don't like wearing eyeshadows in the Red-tone family and these fall under that for me. Something about them just doesn't work with my skintone/eyes, they make me look sick for some odd reason. That being said, I am partial to a bit of 'China Rose' on my lid with a nicely smoked out crease and bold liner smoked out on the edges into my outer v.


'Tamanna' vs 'Amrezy' 

I won't be very good beauty blogger if I did not compare these palettes for you guys and assist you make an informed decision. These palettes are not priced cheaply out here, with prices ranging from N7,500 - N8,500, I personally would appreciate some sort of comparison before I buy.

I have clearly marked the shades I found very similar with the overscript 'Dupe'. Thankfully they are just two shades out of each palette, which is forgiveable in my opinion.  And a black shade is expected in any makeup palette, so can't be considered a repitition. Now to the big question which would I recommend you buy? I'd say the 'Amrezy' palette. Why? Because the colours in the 'Amrezy' palette are a lot more versatile. Like I mentioned when I reviewed the 'Amrezy' palette, you can literally travel with this palette alone and you've got all your looks covered... tried and tested! Also, the 'Amrezy' palette shades are more pigmented. The 'Tamanna' palette shades are pigmented, but I feel those in 'Amrezy' are just that much more pigmented.

All in all, I am very pleased I've got both palettes and I do find myself simultaneously using shades from both, so no regrets from me. There is one more palette in the ABH limited edition collaborations and that's called the 'Maya Mia' palette. I don't think I'll be getting that, but I'd love to hear some feedback from anyone who's got that in their stash. Please let me know what you think in the comments section


Purchased from: Beauty Revolution NG
Price: N7,500

Hope you enjoyed this review


Ez xxX


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