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Thursday, 5 June 2014


Hey Everyone,

I know I'm not the only one that comes across a product and you just don't expect much from it. This next product I am about to review was just that, and then it proved me so wrong!

There are so so many things I have learnt and discovered through blogging, one of them being the numerous indigenous makeup brands we have got. I was recently asked to consult for a soon-to-launch online shopping platform and they wanted to know how many Nigerian makeup brands are on the market, and while working on this project it dawned on me, there are actually a good number of them out here! And I know I am not even close to having discovered them all.

Kuddy Cosmetics (KC) is one of the oldest makeup stores we have here in Nigeria, and they recently (I believe) launched their own brand of makeup products. KC owns exclusive distribution rights for a number of international makeup brands, including China Glaze nail polishes and products. Yup that China Glaze stand in Ebeano Supermarket is from KC. Don't know if any one of you have stumbled across a site called Iyaoloja? Well, Iyaoloja is also owned by the Kuddy Cosmetics family.  I had a little Q&A session with the brand, just to get a better understanding of how they operate and products the bring into the market. You will find all this at the end of this post :)

I received a few products they carry in their store, as well as their Kuddy Cosmetics 'Blush Crush' Palette.

Kuddy Cosmetics 'Blush Crush' Blush Palette* - N3,000
I honestly wasn't really expecting much from this palette, and I blame this on the 'makeup snob' in me. Now, by 'not expecting much', I don't mean I thought it would be horrible or anything. I just thought it would be another nice collection of blushes to have.

I almost love being proven wrong, because this little palette just blew my mind. It's contains six different shades and about every hue is covered in this palette, you could also mix and match to get a desired shade if you wanted. It's got peach, corals, pinks and a lovely bronzer. The bronzer (top right colour in the picture above) contains a bit of shimmer that completely melts away when blended in and how pretty is that bright blue-toned bright pink in the bottom-left corner. I haven't got round to using every single colour in here, think I've used about 4/5 of these. My favourite are the two colours at the top.

Unfortunately the blushes in this palette are not named, but I have swatched them from left-to-right top to bottom (hope that makes sense). But LOOK at how pigmented every single shade is? I have literally used this every single day since I first tried it. It contains six blushers and can easily be carried around. I also have a MAC blush palette which I have slowly been building, but it seems I'll leave that for a little bit and just use this one. It's much smaller and more portable. The size of each individual blush is like half an inch smaller the MAC blushers. I will advice you use a VERY very light-hand when applying these, because a little really goes a long way. They are buttery smooth and blend into the skin, no blotches here.

This palette is sold for N3,000 and available to buy via the  Iyaolaja online store.

Products like this really get me excited and take me back to the reason why I LOVE blogging, because I honestly doubt I would've picked this up and I could've missed out on such a brilliant product!

Q & A Session with Kuddy Cosmetics

Q: What other Kuddy Cosmetics products do you have apart from the Blush Palette? 
A: Products by Kuddy Cosmetics include: makeup fix spray, waterproof foundation with
spf, hd powder, lip gloss, facial toner and wash, makeup brushes - 20 pro
brush set with waist bag, 12 pro brushes in compartment, 7 pcs personal
travel brush set, powder brush, foundation brush, duo eyeshadow
brush,stippling brush(coming soon), and flat eyeliner (coming soon). We
also have 8 pack powder puff, foundation round foams, and wedges (beauty
blender coming soon). We have a lot more to be launched in the coming

Q: Could you please clarify  the difference between Iyaoloja and Kuddy Cosmetics. 
A: Kuddy Cosmetics focuses mainly on wholesale, distribution, and retail at our brick and mortar stores. With the online environment, Kuddy Cosmetics would be launching an online portal for makeup artists, wholesalers, salons, and retailers to purchase their bulk orders with considerable convenience within Nigeria. They can start registering now, and would be alerted once our portal is ready for business. Minimum quantity of 3/item and N50,000 order total. Whereas currently focuses on the online retail market of beauty, fragrances, and in the future grow into other market segments. Unlike, there would be no minimum order set, and at a slightly higher sale price.

Q: At the MINC event it was mentioned that Kuddy Cosmetics was one of the
first Nigerian makeup stores. So this means other brands are also sold under Kuddy cosmetics? 
A:Yes! Kuddy Cosmetics focuses a lot on providing authentic products to our clients and in order to do so properly, most of the brands sold in our stores are via exclusive distribution rights from the product manufacturers into Nigeria's market. Our major brands are Black Opal, Kuddy Cosmetics, Makari, Queen Helene, Ardell, China Glaze, Bump Stopper, Alpen Secrets, Pielor, Bio Balance, Petal Fresh, and so, so, many more (we work with about 300+ brands). We also support local brands like Tara and Zaron.

Contact Information
Shop Addresses:
Delta Plaza Shops F17-19
Trade Fair Shopping Complex
Off Badagry Express Way Ojo Lagos Nigeria

Shops A69-70, off Road 1.
Ikota Shopping Complex VGC - Lekki Lagos Nigeria

22 Osolo Way
Ozde Plaza Shop G10 & G11 Ajao Estate Lagos Nigeria

182/184 Broad Street Apongbon Lagos Nigeria

106/108 Ago Palace Way, Okota Isolo Lagos Nigeria

9 Bankole Street Lagos Island Lagos Nigeria



Social Media
Instagram: @KuddyCosmetics 
Twitter: @KuddyCosmetics

Apologies if this post is a little longer than you'd like, but I am all about sharing information and for me when I can find out a little more about the brand, besides just the products they sell, I'm all in!

Hope you enjoyed this review!


Ez xxX


  1. Please what are their delivery methods at , do they deliver to abuja and please what are their shipping rates.

  2. Hello Yejide,
    Yes we do deliver to Abuja and every other state in Nigeria. For Abuja, the shipping rate goes from N1,500 - 2000 (Tranex and APost). For orders above N20,000, shipping is free.

  3. I really love shopping in their store. Nice post.

  4. Pls can I get radiant glow soap and original Tracia goat milk shower cream to calabar, and how much are they ?

  5. Want to come around to buy wholesales makeups for my saloon,and perfumes, hope I get all that at wholesale so I can resell.

  6. Please I want to buy your products at wholesale prices. I am a MUA based in lagos


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