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Tuesday, 15 April 2014


Hello my lovelies! Hope you are all well

One of the reasons I enjoy living out here is how easy it is to get natural oils and products, I do not take this for granted. I also love the fact that there are quite a few businesses that sell such products at reasonable prices, MsNella is one of them. As I'd mentioned on here before, when it comes to my all-over-body skincare (sans the face) I prefer the natural option, for moisturising, exfoliation and hair care. My favourite of the natural oils is Shea Butter, whether it's unprocessed or whipped I loooooooove me some Shea Butter.

I was sent a tub each of hair moisturiser and body butter and was very pleased both products were made from sheabutter.

MsNella Hair Moisturiser*- N
The hair moisuriser is made up of sheabutter, essential oils and conditioner. I have been using this to moisturise and seal my hair every other day. The fact that the moisturiser contains sheabutter eliminates the need for me to seal my hair with an oil after I have moisturised (because sheabutter is an oil, so that would be oil on oil lol, nah thanks). MsNella have also got a starter pack coming out soon, targeted at people who have hacked off all their relaxed hair and want to go the natural hair route. So anyone interested, it might be worth sending them an email to get more information.

MsNella Body Butter*- N
As much as I love my natural skincare vendors,  I do have one gripe. Why do some of them tout their sheabutter as 'whipped' only to discover the product is rock solid! Like I know that unprocessed sheabutter is hard, and I haven't got a problem rubbing it between my palms to warm it up so it melts a little before I apply it. BUT, when I see that the sheabutter has been described as 'whipped' that is exactly what I am expecting. I was very pleased with the texture of this whipped shea butter, it is described as 'double-whipped' even. The texture is not creamy, it may appear hard but is very soft to touch and smooth. So so smooth, no lumps and bumps at all! Easy to apply and absorbs very well into the skin.

Because of the tub size, I resolved to apply the body butter just on certain areas of my body like my feet, knees, elbows etc. as opposed to all over. The butter smells just like shea (duh) and hasn't got an overpowering scent at all. I am enjoying this body butter.

Now I wanted to show you guys the difference in texture of the products I received. I actually thought both products were for the skin and was curious as to why one was smoother than the other. So I asked Detola (lady behind the MsNella brand) why and she explained one was a hair moisturiser and the other a body butter. The texture of the hair moisturiser (left) isn't as smooth because it contains a lot more than the butter (right) including the hair conditioner. Good thing I asked right? Because I was ready to use them both on my skin lol. All in all, both great products!

100ml - N1500
200ml - N2900
300ml - N4200
Natural Hair Journey Starter pack (coming soon) - N9000

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Hope you enjoyed this post :)

What's your favourite natural Oil?


Ez xxX



  1. olive oil. my curls pop with that dude

  2. I love my Shea butter too. I have easy access to the raw unrefined one here. I have jars of it that I use for almost everything. Only d smell puts me off sometimes. Lolade Oye

  3. It has to be coconut oil. My mum re-introduced me to it recently. I mix it into my body cream along with bio oil. The smell is delicious.

  4. Love this post. Go for coconut oil.

  5. I love me some coconut oil and palm kernel oil. Extremely jn love with the palm kernel oil because it has medicinal effect. It also reminds menof my child hood.

  6. This is like my first time reading this blog and i must say ur doing a good job. its quite revealing. thumbs up.


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