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Thursday, 10 April 2014


Hellooo there!

Hope everyone's well! I am so excited with the progress The BiL Directory is making, just wait for when it starts to look like a directory and you all can find whatever you may be searching for.

So on to today's post, I typically share new product purchases on my instagram page (Username: @BeautyInLagos) and I feel like I should do the same here. Now with my hair care, although I started my healthy hair journey around this time last year, I was not consistent AT ALL! So at the start of last month I decided that I just had to stick at it. I would have to make an extra effort to care for my hair, until it became second nature. Which is really the only way to improve at anything, it starts off as a chore because you are naturally not used to it, but think of it this way, any habit you might have, turned out that way because it was something you did repeatedly, to start with.

So anyways, I follow quite a few hair-care bloggers and Dabs of Naija Hair Can Grow is definitely one of them. She posted a few weeks back about the benefits of Keratin for the hair and I just knew I had to get me some, because my hair is quite weak from all the constant weaves.

 So these are the products I picked up. Literally a day after I read Dabs' post I headed straight to her store to purchase them.

Tresemme Keratin Smooth Shampoo - N3000

Tresemme Keratin Smooth Heat Protection Spray - N2500
Standard heat protection spray, but with an infusion of keratin. So I can rest-easy knowing my hair is protected and also strengthened while I apply heat to it. I always always air-dry my hair after I wash it anyway, so I bought this to use on my leave-out when I have got a sew-in. I minimize the number of times I apply heat to my leave-out, it's usually once a fortnight if that. My Eco-Styler helps tame my edges real good, so I rarely need to flat-iron.

Avanti Silicon Mix - N2,800
I use this as a deep-conditioner. After my tea-rinse, I blot my hair with a towel and then I apply this all over my hair, from root to tip, and then sit under my steamer for 15mins. I find that this takes a while to rinse out, I think because keratin is supposed to bond to the hair strands, thereby coating it, my hair feels like there's a layer of something on it. So I rinse and rinse until my palms don't feel slippery after I run them through my hair. But once my hair starts to dry it feels soo fluffy. I love the texture of my hair after I've used this. The benefits though? I can't comment on yet, I need to use it a couple more times.

Now I cannot comment on whether these work or not because I don't feel I have used these long enough. BUT I still wanted to share with you guys products that I recently added to my haircare stash. Please checkout Dabs' blog to get an in-depth understanding of the benefits of Keratin.

I have been buying quite a few hair-care products recently and I'll be sure to share them here.

Maybe as I get better at understanding my hair and what works for it and the improvements I have made, I will be able to provide you all with a bit more information and knowledge about hair-care. So for now it's only about sharing my hair-care purchases!

Where to buy
Savvy & Chic - Hair / Beauty Hub
Address: 34A Awolowo Road, Ikoyi, Lagos
Telephone Number: +234(0)809 061 3325

Who else is on a Healthy Hair Journey?


Ez xxX


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  2. Hi, Ez. It's great that you're starting your hair journey! Beginning one is so exciting. I started mine in 2009 and I've seen tremendous results (my hair has grown from chin length to passed my bra strap).

    I haven't tried Silicon Mix before, but I've heard great things about it--that it makes hair soft and manageable.

    The only thing is that Silicon Mix has a lot of silicone in it (which causes buildup on the hair & scalp over time). And it has mineral oil in it too, which blocks water from being able to enter the hair shaft & scalp (so the amount of deep-penetrating moisture you can get from deep conditioning with Silicon Mix may be limited).

    BUT, girrrrl, if it works for your hair, then use it! We just gotta pay attention to what our hair likes and stick with it (that's what I've learned during my HHJ, sha). I think if you alternate between Silicon Mix & another condish for deep conditioning sessions, then you should be fine. :-)

    Are you relaxed or natural?

    - Many Hair

  3. I also started my hair journey around this time last year, and with all the effort i've put into it so far ,i have to say its really paying off. I would like to try the Keratin shampoo up there and hope its sulfate free,regarding the heat protectant i have since stopped using heat on my hair ,and when i do wash my hair i air dry 80 percent of the time or use an old T-shirt to dry my hair.


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