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Thursday, 17 October 2013

MYMAKEUP - Hair Review Part 1 | Dyeing

Hi Guys,

I'd like to share with you all a technique I recently used to lift the colour of my hair extensions and at the same time type-up a bit of a review. 
I was recently sent some virgin hair extensions from MyMakeup to try out and review. Apart from makeup products, MyMakeup also sell their own brand of virgin hair extensions called MyHair. I thought rather than type-up a lengthy review of how I got on with these extensions, I'd present the review at different stages. This stage is just all about my first impressions and how it reacted when coloured.

So you all know that virgin hair extensions (Brazilian, Peruvian, Malaysian, etc) are typically black, dark brown or regular brown shades. I personally always dye my extensions to a really light brown/chestnut blonde because my hair isn’t dark and I just prefer my extensions lighter. I typically use hair dye but I decided to just use a Developer first to lift the colour a little, then apply some dye after to attain the exact shade I wanted. I had never attempted this method before, but I was hoping for the best.

So if you want to see how these MyHair Virgin Peruvian Wavy hair extensions went from the pic on the left to what I currently have on the right, then keep reading.

Products & Tools

Like I said I used a Developer. This is a volume 40 developer, you could also use a volume 30 if you like.

A sprush and a salon mixing bowl. I haven’t got a salon bowl, so I used this instead and it worked just as good.

I simply poured my developer into the bowl and used the sprush to apply the developer all over the extensions. I did not unravel the extensions.

You see how they are in the picture above. I just simply applied the developer from the pink bow downwards. I did not touch the weft or hair above the bow. I like to have the roots dark, makes it easier to blend with my natural hair.

After I applied it, making sure I got every single strand covered. I folded it up in some foil, wrapped a towel around it to promote the heat, and let it be for 24hrs. Rinsed it out, applied some neutralizing shampoo to get all the dye out and then deep conditioned it for a little over an hour.


I just let them air-dry and these were the results. 

Not sure if I still want to dye it or just install them as they are now. Still thinking about it.

Yeah, so that’s how I achieved lighter hair. No dye, just developer and this saved me a TON of money. I typically buy the little packs of dye, Dark and Lovely or Crème of Nature, for about N1200 - N1500 each and for a dye job like this I’d typically use 3-4 packs and for a large bottle of developer I paid  about N1700. Got the Developer at Ebeano supermarket by the way. 

But I will say, different extensions react differently to developers. Some go much much lighter, others don't lighten at all. So it might be worth testing out maybe half a bundle, before going the whole hog.

This hair was sent to me by My Makeup, it’s  3 bundles of their Virgin Peruvian Wavy in lengths 12", 14" & 16". I haven’t installed these yet, but so far I am LOVING the quality. Very very minimal shedding was experienced while lifting this, the hair is still very soft after the process and the wefts are very neatly and tightly done. This isn’t a full review just yet, but so far so good. I’ll just need to see how it holds up when installed e.g. tangling, styling and shedding. So there will be a second part to this review.

Vendor: MyMakeup
Hair Extensions Sent: Virgin Peruvian Wavy
Lengths & Price: 12" (N11,500), 14" (N12,200) & 16" (N13,800)

Ebeano Supermarket: Plot 1B, Block A9, Obafemi Anibaba Street, Lekki Phase 1.(It's basically the first right-turn after you go past Tantalizers on Admiralty Way)

MyMakeup have got a 30% discount right now, off all their Virgin Hair Extensions. This discount lasts only for the month of October. So if you were thinking of getting some extensions, there's no better time!

Hope you enjoyed this post!

Ez xxX


  1. This blog is awesome. Wow

    You should win best beauty blog

    1. Aww, how nice of you! Thank you :) xx

  2. you didnt show us pictures of the hair after you fixed it...i want to see did the hair react to the dyeing.


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