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Tuesday, 18 June 2013

WHO IS EZ? - 30 Things About Me


So I've seen this 'XX things about me' tag floating around the interwebs, especially youtube. Since I am not ready to start posting videos on my youtube page yet, I have decided to type mine up instead.

So if you've got a little extra time on your hands, allow me to let you in on some personal ish! :)

Baby Ez
  1. I am half Bura, half Igbo. 'Bura' is a tribe from Adamawa State.
  2. I am full Nigerian. In my family (on my mum's side) my great-great grandmother was white so I got the gene. There's a couple of us in the family that got it.
  3. I have got two Sisters. I'm in the middle
  4. In 1999 my parents adopted a teenage boy and I got a Brother! :)
  5. I give the best road directions
  6. I love my own company
  7. I have a phobia for birds, all feathered creatures and even feathers
  8. My favourite colour is PINK!
  9. I detest odours. Infact I am pertified of them. If I was speaking to someone and they had mouth/body odour I'd just walk away as soon as I got a whiff. Mid-convo, just walk away. I do this all the time.
  10. I have got a slight lisp when I talk
  11. When I was born the doctors thought I had Jaundice because I was so pale and my mum was darker than I was, so they couldn't understand. I didn't have Jaundice afterall.
  12. When I was a toddler I almost went deaf. We were all sat eating breakfast at the table and then a voice in my mum's head went " Your child's going deaf". And she came over to my side and clapped in my right ear and I didn't even flinch or look at her. She immediately bundled me off to the hospital and turns out I had an infection/growth in my nose that was spreading to my ears and was rushed into surgery to have it taken out. This is a true story!
  13. I started modelling when I was 18
  14. Most people think I am tough. I have NO idea why
  15. I hate confrontations, like to pick my battles.
  16. Self-confidence is something I recently gained
  17. I once lost a job because of how I looked. Not my appearance, just how I looked. (I just re-read this and thought, as a model I have lost A LOT of jobs because of how I looked. What I meant here is a professional/office/9-5 type job, my bad)
  18. My dream car is an All-white Mercedes G-Wagon G65 with the darkest factory tints on all windows.
  19. I drive with my left hand on the steering and my right on the gear. Even though I drive an automatic and I am right-handed. This is because I learnt how to drive using a manual car and I guess I always had my hand on the gear.
  20. It drives me mad when I catch people staring at me
  21. I cannot shave/use depilatory creams on my underarms. I have to get them waxed professionally every other week
  22. There is a part of my life that I have never ever mentioned to anyone except family. Well, they lived through it as well.
  23. I haven't got that many friends but I know quite a number of people
  24. I can't understand unkempt people
  25. I am an extremely picky eater. I always have something added in or taken out of my food. During my undergrad years, my local chinese restaurant added in a new number on their menu for me it was number 96A: Special Fried Rice with extra chicken and shrimp, no veg and very spicey
  26. I don't eat the skin on a piece of chicken, roasted, barbequed, KFC.. I never eat the skin. It grosses me out
  27. I don't eat the yolk in an egg.. Fried or boiled
  28. When I was 10/11 I got scouted by a French model-agent whilst shopping with my mum. She asked my mum if she would be interested in getting me into modeling. My mum gave a resounding NO. (cheers mum)
  29. I hate being hounded for anything, especially when it's a favour
  30. I plan to have a full-on dressing room at my house, complete with professional-standard salon and walk-in closet
That took a WHILE to type-up! But there it is... Feel like you know me better? lol


Ez xxX



  1. Interesting! :)
    pls reply the comments on your last post.

    1. Haha!! Literally just finished doing that! :)

  2. Nice one.
    Busy waiting for your post on the knuckle rings. Dont keep us waiting :)

    1. That is going to be up this week! Pinky-promise :) xx

  3. Omg!
    Interesting read!
    Really dunno why I'm surprised you posted this. Yess, Feels like
    I know you better.
    And Your baby pic is soooooo cute :')

    1. This has been sat in my Drafts folder for a few weeks! I'm glad you enjoyed it! :) xx

  4. Oh I enjoyed knowing you better : ) Interesting read, nice of you to share. why don't you shave/use depilatory cream for underarm?

    1. Awww! Thanks for reading!

      I can't do any of those because I get the WORST irritations. Ingrown hairs, bumps, it's really painful and sore AND disgusting to look at. But with waxing, it's all smooth-sailing for me! :)

  5. Could you do a post on where you get waxed please? Im coming home in a couple of days and that would be really useful x

    1. Hi! Think I did a couple posts last year about this. I get waxed by Lakshmi at Facial Bar and Tola/Seun at Barazahi (for details, search 'facial bar' or 'barazahi' in the search box at the top)xx

  6. Very funny!!!. Ur baby pic looks cute

    1. Haha! That teddy was my bestfriend for yearrsssss. I never let it go! lol

  7. Loved that, made me giggle too.

  8. Yay! I love tags! Keep 'em coming!
    No 17. I don't get...your appearance vs. looks. Is it not one and the same? lool

    1. Haha! Well I think appearance has to do with how you present yourself, in terms of your clothes, hair, makeup. And looks is just the your physical 'look' .. :s.. But yeah, they're two different things anyway! lmao!

  9. Number 9! *sigh* now I don't feel so bad, hehe! Oh yh, and the not eating skin thing. My mom used to have a fit now she can't be fagged. Love d 30 things about u, they've just made u cooler! Ha!

  10. Entertaining read-please clarify a few things.

    20.It drives me mad when I catch people staring at me-Surely, this is only done in a complimentary manner, why get mad? Just ignore.

    17.I once lost a job because of how I looked. Not my appearance, just how I looked- How does one lose a professional 9-5 job based on looks? Perhaps racially motivated.

    16.Self-confidence is something I recently gained- A bit puzzled that you until recently battled with self confidence even though you model. I always imagined/thought that "models" have tons of self confidence.

    I'm guessing that this is the reason you hide your face/don't post videos?

  11. Nice one...we sort of know you better. Your dream car? Spot on! And #19, I drive the same freaking way...i have no idea why!

    Really nice post :)

  12. i thought your favorite color was and yeah youre definitely not tough... youre a softy and a sweetie on the inside but you look like a snub on the outside. its interesting reading new things about you. You should tell your readers to write 10new things about themselves too..

    Luv your blog

    Just BLAZE 4 eva!!!

  13. my guess you are eku edewor .you don/t have to reply.

  14. Lol, she can't be. Eku Edewor is from Delta...


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