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Thursday, 20 June 2013

DéCOLLETé FASHION LOUNGE - Knuckle-Rings and Accessories

Hey there People-weople! :)

Hope everyone's had a good week so far. I am quite excited to type up this post as I think most of you will enjoy it.

Now, I had been sharing my Manicures via my Instagram page (@BeautyInLagos) way before I decided to bring them to the blog and as much as everyone liked the manicures, I got an equal amount of questions concerning the rings I wore on my fingers, particularly my dainty knuckle rings. I didn't get by rings in Lagos and every time I replied with the source I felt like I wasn't helping.

When it comes to my daily accessories, be it bracelets, necklaces or rings I tend to gravitate towards the dainty, 'barely-there' variety. But at night or to parties and stuff I like the chunky, embellished, slightly-garish sort lol. Anyways, imagine my excitement when I discovered DéColleté Fashion Lounge and their amazing accessories. So many dainty accessories, all right up my street.

DéColleté Fashion Lounge has been doing pop up shops since 2009 in Lagos. They have really fun and unique clothes, jewelry and accessories collections that have been specially curated from around the world. They focus on quality and making their customers happy. 

So I had a little browse through their catalogue and had to literally talk myself out of getting 90% of their stock.

Don't mean to harp on about this all the time on my blog, but LOOK at that presentation! Honestly, just for accessories??!?! I LOVE IT! You get delicate little boxes to store your accessories in, so they don't tarnish quickly. DéColleté also provides a little card with specific details on how to preserve your accessories so they last you a very long time.

R17(Pinky, Ring and Index Fingers): N2000 & R12 (Cross Ring): N2000
I just love love love how tiny and dainty these rings are, particularly the three on my pinky, ring and index fingers. These three came in a set and I have provided the prices above. How adorable is that. I am including the product codes along with the pricing in case you'd like to order some of the accesories I got :)

B10: N2000
I'd been seeing the Necklace version of the Bracelet above, all over the blogs and instagram. I think they are replicas of the Versace one, made popular when Rihanna rocked it a few months back. I didn't really like the necklace, but when I saw this in the DéColleté catalogue I thought 'ooooh, I quite like this bracelet version', and I love it! Very lightweight and perfect to add to my 'Night-time/Party' stack of bracelets :)

B1: N1500
In Love!! This hand-chain is what I call 'Dainty-Perfection'. I cannot get enough of it. I even got it in the gold finish too! :). It comes in 3 finishes: Gold, Silver and GunMetal.

R18 (Knuckle-Ring): N2000
I love my gold accessories, but I do like to throw in some silver at times. And I got the little silver knuckle ring as well to go with my silver hand-chain and my other silver accessories.

And as IF I could love Decollete anymore than I already did, they added a little gift to my order! The earrings are just so gorgeous and I could not stop looking at them. Thank you so so so much DéColleté!

Now these are the items I ordered, they have got a whole lot more items for sale, to order or browse their catalogue just read all the information I have provided below.

  1. To order please click this link to check out the items:  
  2. Write the code of the item you want, then send an email to They will send a confirmation email with an invoice and instructions. 
  3. If the link provided above does not work, just send an email to the address provided requesting their catalogue and they will forward a PDF version of it.
Their website is launching soon: Check it out and fill the form to get exclusives on their official launch date and future events!

Decollete Social Media Links 
Instagram: @ShopDecollete

So you'll be seeing a LOT more raaangs and thaaangs adorning my fingers for my Manicure Mondays posts!

As much as I love sharing my finds and stuff with you guys I also love hearing back from you. So if you do decide to purchase anything from DéColleté please please share with me by tweeting pics or tagging me on instagram! I love looking at stuff other people buy, I'm nosey like that :)

Speak to you all in my next post :). Lots of Love


Ez xxX



  1. the good thing is that they arent even expensive. nice!

  2. Yaaay! This has made me happy...I recently developed a "thing" for knuckle rings. Will definitely take a look at the catalogue.

  3. Yaaaay! Finally this post is up!
    Its so annoying I ordered knuckle rings from Asos a day before you said u found a shop that sells it in Naija. I was so bummed!
    Anyways, I saw lotsa other stuff that caught my eye. Off to order.
    Thanks Ez

  4. They aren't replying my mails. I even went all psycho and sent it 4 times :( . Yes,am ashamed of myself lool. Anyway, d day's not over yet.

    1. Hi Ashley, This is Peju- Founder of DéColleté Fashion Lounge, what is your email address? So sorry to hear that. We reply every email we receive. I will personally reply you. Let me know if you have any questions or if your email wasn't replied. Hope to hear from you soon.

      Ciao ciao

    2. Hi, got a reply d following day. Thanks a lot.

  5. Yaasss.. I love you right now..
    And THANK YOU :)

  6. Thanks Beauty!!!! Love your posting and showcasing... You Rock!!! I mucho Luvvy! We got a lot of requests! All going out this Monday, so excited! Good to see you rocking your fab goodies!


  7. Btw i loovvveee ur blog!! Where is decollete beauty lounge located...cus d link you gave me isnt workn! Thanx

    1. Try contacting dem via email. Placed my order and can't wait till dose babies get to me :D

  8. The link doesn't open

  9. Ps do yu guiz have a shop in lagos??


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