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Friday, 14 June 2013

NOKIA LUMIA 920 - What I Think

Hey Hey peoples!

Hope Everyone's well and not letting the harsh world out there get to them :). At least the Weekend's here!

Last month I was contacted by a representative from Nokia Nigeria asking if I was interested in trying out one of their phones for two weeks. I immediately glanced at the 3 phones I had already and thought.. "Why the hell not!" lool.. I have been curious to try out other phones apart from the iPhone and Blackberry, so this seemed the perfect opportunity.

Emails were exchanged, agreements signed and next thing I knew I was sat in the Nokia Nigeria reception picking up my brand-spanking new Nokia Lumia 920.

I was asked what colour I'd prefer: white, black or red. I went for red, because it's the closest color to pink  
(don't judge)  and I walked out with my new phone in hand.

First impression, it is slightly bigger and heavier than what I am accustomed to in a mobile phone. But once I had charged it up and the display came on, the graphics were so clear, I forgot the size (I am so easy). Before I go any further, I love my gadgets for what they can do, but I am no 'techie'. I don't know any technical terms so my description of this phone is going to be from a VERY primitive layman's point of

Luckily for me, I work in an office where we have very tech-savvy engineers roaming the place when they aren't on the rig. And last week I had one of them check out the phone for me. I said to him "Come check out my new Android phone". He goes "Err, that's not an Android, it runs a Windows OS".

See, I thank God for him, because I was going to come on here and type "Wooo, checkout my new Android".. *womp*

What I think
 As a blogger, the FIRST  thing to check will be the camera! Because we are always snapping shots and a good camera phone is always handy, especially for impromtu photo ops. And I do a truckload of those. Especially when I discover a new product available in a store or want to share a lipstick I'm wearing (I do this via instagram).

The pictures off the Lumia 920 are so crystal clear, better than my iPhone! But I will say I am struggling a little to get the Lumia to focus. Maybe I haven't figured it out yet, or something. Fairly close-up snaps are good, but I tried to take an OOTD the other day and when I pulled back a bit, all I got was a blurred image.

Another thing is, there's no INSTAGRAM! This is also important to me, because I share a lot of pictures on instagram and I wasn't pleased. But I lovely follower on twitter said I should try 'Itsdagram'. Now this app works ok, I can see my feed and upload pictures, but it hasn't got any of the filters that Instagram has. This wasn't an issue for me, as I like to keep the filters to a minimum because I want my followers on there to see the true colour of a product, especially nail polishes and lipstick swatches.

Overall, I think it's a pretty decent phone! I haven't completely explored this phone, as two weeks just isn't enough. But I can tell it can do a lot! Only gripe is I don't like Windows much, but I can see that even Windows have stepped their game up and it really doesn't seem like a Window OS is running on it.

Now the big question "Will I recommend it"? Yes I will! I think it is a welcome change from the usual iPhones and Blackberrys, and it can do everything they can do... Oh and it's got whatsapp for you instant communicator addicts!

So, who's got a Nokia Lumia? What's your opinion?


Ez xxX


  1. Don't boot me out just yet Ez but compared to my Samsung Note, the camera is.... *grin*

    I love the phone too God knows (and thank God for a colleague's life cos I was calling it an Android too, lol). I got the black and love it to pieces.

    Not social media friendly though *sad* and no BLOGGING APP. Seriously, no blogging app? hell, no.

  2. Nokia lumia 920 is an amazing phone

  3. Nokia Lumia 920 is an amazing phone

  4. Hmmm...ok maybe give it a trial soon. But tanx 4 d info.

  5. The lumia 920 is a cool phone and Just be patient...from what i heard instagram and a load of other top apps are coming to Lumia very soon

  6. Dont have one but I have alwsys loved Nokia phones. They are strong and durable.


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