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Tuesday, 11 June 2013


Hi Everyone,

I know that I do not post as often as I'd like, but you can keep up with BiL on a number of different Social Media spots. I decided to take time out to share with you guys the various platforms BiL is available on.

The above links are totally 'clickable' and take you to the necessary social media platform you choose to follow BeautyInLagos with. It's located in the right-hand sidebar at the top :)

I absolutely LOVE bloglovin'. This is the only way I keep up with my favourite blogs. It's so convenient. And unlike google's 'blogger', you do not need to be a blogger yourself to sign-up! And what's more, if you do not like the hassle of signing-up, you can log-in using your facebook credentials. Honestly cannot rave about this enough. All your favourite blogs are available on bloglovin', even if they do not display a bloglovin' badge on their page, simple search for the blog URL in the search box and it pops up! It is also available in the Appstore for iPhones and iPads. All latest post from blogs you follow are pushed through and are arranged from newest to oldest, so you have a mish-mash of  latest blog posts from a variety of blogs. Sort of like a magazine with various articles. Follow BeautyInLagos on Bloglovin' here: BiL on Bloglovin' (link also available in sidebar)

Google Friend Connect (GFC)
Now, as most of you know from July 1st, 2013, Google Reader is going to be taken down, deleted, removed from Cybespace! When I got this alert from blogger, not gonna lie, I was not happy. I keep up with my fellow Nigerian bloggers primarily using Google Reader. Now one thing that's tied to Google Reader is Google Friend Connect. No one is entirely sure how the removal of GoogleReader will affect GFC, some say it won't affect it, others say it will.
Either way, please follow BeautyInLagos via GFC by clicking 'Join This Site' in the sidebar on the right!

This lovely MicroBlogging site. I tweet quite regularly and it is the best way to get updates and quick responses from me! I love to interact with all you guys and I have found Twitter to be the easiest, most-convenient way! Follow BeautyInLagos on twitter here: BiL on Twitter (link also available in sidebar)

I post pictures and also interact with my Facebook friends regularly. If the 140character limitation on twitter isn't allowing you send that beauty question/concern you've got for me. Simply move over to Facebook and send me a message! Like the BeautyInLagos Page here: BiL on Facebook  (link also available in sidebar)

My favourite Social Media application! This is available on Apple and Android smartphones. I am constantly posting pictures of all sorts! Mostly beauty, fashion and style inspirations. I can't get enough of instagram, I honestly get inspired on there everyday! Follow BeautyInLagos on Instagram here: BiL on Instagram (link also available in sidebar)

If you want to see all sorts of pictures that inspire me. You can also follow my tumblr page. I hardly post anything personal on there, just a bunch of reposts that inspire me or catch my eye. This is a little separate from BiL stuff, it's more of a personal PinBoard of sorts for me! If you are interested in that sort of stuff, you can follow me on Tumlblr here:

And that's it! I think I've got all fronts covered in terms of my Social Media interaction cred! Please please please follow me on whichever is convenient for you! Or you can do what I do, I follow all my favourite blogs across ALL platforms. That way I am up to speed with their lives :D

Hope this post was somewhat helpful for you guys! Lots of Love!


Ez xxX


I'd love to hear from you! :)

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