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Wednesday, 17 April 2013


Hey Everyone,

First off, the Acrylic Makeup boxes by GlamBox are still available at 25% off. But the first 10 boxes have now been ordered, so no more complimentary acrylic tissue-boxes . They are available to buy on the 'Shop' tab of this blog, located along the top, just below the BiL banner :). Now that's out of the way, on to today's post.

Feel like it's been a while since I did one of these sort of posts. Well today's post is going to be a short one, it's about one of my Holy-Grail skincare products. And I know probably all of you would look at it and think "wait... WHAT?", but yeah this is an absolute must-have for me..

Yup! Sudocrem... Yes! The one for babies. I always say, if there is a skin-care product good enough for babies, it's damn well more than good enough for me. Because a baby's skin is so soft and delicate and any product formulated to care for it has got to be mild and gentle enough for the most sensitive of skins.

Even TOWIE-Girl, Chloe Simms uses Sudocrem [photo cred: Daily Mail Online]
Now back to this little 'tub-of-wonder' as I like to call it. I use it everynight before I get into bed, right after I have cleansed my face of makeup, washed and toned. I use this in place of a night-moisturizer 99% of time, the 1% would be when I have got extremly dry-skin (mostly due to flying), then I have to use an intense moisturiser overnight, a couple nights, to heal it.

My girl Tallulah, has got one of these Sudocrem tubes. I definitely need one, very handy.
Sudocrem doesn't heal pimples/acne or clear scars, well not for me anyway. It acts as a barrier and prevents new pimples/spots from forming while you're in la-la land. I apply a light layer every night and I wake up with nice soft, moisturised skin.

I also have to mention that you best be sure you are ready to go to bed before you apply this to your face, it's a bit of a 'struggle' to get off, even with water. But in the mornings it's a breeze to wash off.

Please please please, as with all skincare products (baby-care or not), always do a little patch test. I know we are all always eager to try out new skin products, but a patch-test save lives... LIVES I tell ya lol. (a patch test is simply applying a bit of the product to a little section of your face two days in a row, to check if your skin is fine with it and you don't react, before you apply all over face)

So there's a little personal skincare secret I have been sitting on and I love it! Even Cheryl Cole loves the stuff, check out this Daily Mail article from last year.

Any skincare secrets you lot are hiding? Please tell me! :)


Ez xxX


  1. Cool. Where can we get it?

    1. It's readily available in most supermarkets and pharmacies. Look for it in the 'baby-suppplies' aisle xx

  2. oh! sudocrem!
    i use this for my daughter everyday not knowing its one of ur secret

    i really love ur skin tone. and dont mind u sharing ur skincare regimen with us abeg

    love ur blog. kudos!

  3. hi,i am fair and i have a very sensitive and oily skin
    i am always prone to acne and pimples
    i have a flawless skin but my face is rough(not so smooth)
    how do i go about it?

  4. Thanks for the useful information. My friend is using sudocrem and she have good results. I always suffer with pimple on my face. But I did not have more information .Now I have and want to try this.

    Alison Clarke
    obagi nu derm starter kit


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