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Friday, 1 March 2013

MY MAKEUP COSMETICS & CO - Ben Nye 'Banana' Luxury Powder

Hey Everyone! TGIF!

Now I have always said, you can find nearly ANYTHING you want, in Lagos. Only problem is you need to know where to look, or have someone, who knows someone who knows where to get it! This was one of the major reasons I started this blog a year ago. I would discover some beauty product/item and be like "Oh! They sell this in Lagos?". And I thought why not share these discoveries with people too, you never know who's looking for it, and this brings me to my latest post.

Ben Nye 'Banana' Luxury Powder 1.5oz/42gm:  N3000

Now I want to assume that most of you already know about the amazingness that is the Ben Nye Luxurious Powder range, the most popular being the shade 'Banana'. It was quite possibly (and still is, to be honest) THE most talked about product in the beauty world, especially the blogosphere.

The reason why it is so popular is because it is amazing at preventing that dreaded 'shine' that develops on the face after a while of wearing foundation and we have to whip out our blotting-sheets/powder. It keeps your skin matte for longer and comes highly recommended for those with oily-skin.

Ben Nye products are all specially formulated for theatrical purposes, it's popularly referred to as 'Stage Makeup', and somehow managed to make it into the hands of mainstream makeup artists and enthusiasts. Think this mainly had to do with Kim Kardashian to be honest, her makeup artists uses this on her all the time.

Now I will say for people with darker skin tones, this is popularly used to set the under-eye concealer and give that brighter look  around the area. Ben Nye carry different powders and shades for Olive and Darker skin tones in their Mojave collection (Banana isn't in this range), think these are translucent and so it might be worth looking into those if you are after an all-over-face powder.

I can't give a review at all about this product as I haven't even used it. Was going to do a review and post at the same time, but I posted a picture of it on my Instagram page (Username: @BeautyInLagos) and I have been hounded with questions on where I got it, even had a couple friends send me a messages on BBM, asking to tell them before I told all you guys, haha!

So I will be back with a very detailed review after I have used this a while, so please check back in a few weeks, but for now here are the details on where I got it.

My Makeup Cosmetics & Co
Address: Junior Options, Block A2-15, Shop 193/194 Sangrosse, Lagos Island
Twitter: @MyMakeupNig
Telephone: 08082975242

I placed my order online and paid N1000 for delivery to Victoria Island.

Ps: Remember I mentioned in this post I had discovered some other store that stocked it and the sales-girl said she was going to let me know when they got their new stock in, I haven't heard back from her but when I do I'd be sure to let you all know :)

So, who's been living under a rock and never even heard of the Ben Nye 'Banana' Powder?


Ez xxX

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  1. I have not but will try to get it. Happy new month n weekend

  2. Apparently i have!! Been living under a rock that is, cuz im hearing about this for the first time. I've got oily skin. waiting for your review.

  3. Heard about it, had no clue where to get it in Lagos. Can never figure out where to find stuff in Lagos... I'm going to be stalking your blog!

    1. Haha! Funny you said that, I have been talking about your hair since the first day I stumbled on your blog. And I also decided to stalk your blog too! So we are even :D xx

  4. Actually.. I saw your tweet where u requested to be put on their waiting list and I took it from there ;)
    Visited their website and got mine yesterday :D
    Not tried it yet though..

    Thank youu!

  5. I am an NW45 skin tone, can I use the banana or topaz to set my under eye concealer? I feel the banana will be too light for me.kindly advise. Muah!

    1. I think you're right Topaz might be a better shade for your skin tone. But look around first. A good place to start would be googling 'Ben Nye Topaz Powder Review' and see what comes up! :)

    2. You ar such a darling! Thanks. I will def order mine

  6. This post is just what i needed!!! just placed my order.

  7. Your blog is fab! Thanks for the amazing tips! Do you have a tutorial on make-up brushes, how to use them and where to find them in Lagos? Thanks

  8. I have been wondering how to get this, thanks for sharing.

  9. Great post, as usual. Thanks for sharing. Pls, how is this pronounced? Ben "Nigh" or Ben "Ye" (that's if the N is silent)

  10. Never heard abt it.. i guess i have been in the dark


  11. Pls is the powder still available ve been searching for it

  12. Please any ideas if Kuddy stocks this powder?

  13. you can get it and plenty others at gifty"s daughter beauty studio, no 24 toyin street ikeja. ure welcome

  14. Do you make deliveries to Ghana, I badly need it

  15. I live in calabar where do I buy it?

  16. I am in ghana and i am seriously looking for it to do i get it since they are in naija

  17. I am in Aba, Abia state, please how do I get it?

  18. Pls how do I have it delivered to my ikeja office. urgently needed


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