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Wednesday, 27 February 2013

PRODUCT REVIEW & GIVEAWAY - SmartShield Serious Sun Protection [CLOSED!]

Hiya Lovelies!

I can't overemphasize the importance of using sun-protection DAILY. There are so many myths surrounding sunscreen/sunblock around these parts and I'm just gonna start this post by addressing a few:
  • It makes you dark(er) - FALSE
  • You don't need to use it if you're not going to be exposed to direct sunlight - FALSE
  • Only ladies need sunscreen - FALSE
  • (and the craziest of them all): Only caucasians or light-skinned people need to use sunscreen -FALSE FALSE FALSE!!! 
Sunscreen is necessary for EVERYBODY regardless of your race, skin tone, gender etc. and even if you aren't going to be exposed to direct sunlight, still wear some sunscreen, even if its just on your face. Most makeup products/foundations have got SPF in them, especially MAC products. All my foundations from MAC have got SPF, these include MatchMaster, Pro Longwear and StudioFix Liquid foundations, to name a few.

Skin Cancers are caused by damage from the sun's Ultra Violet (UV) rays and protecting your skin from the sun can help prevent these cancers. It is true that people with dark/black skin are less likely to get skin cancer as darker skin has some protection against UV rays, BUT skin cancer can STILL occur, so sunscreen is still necessary.

SmartShield Serious Sun Protection* is approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the official sunscreen for the US Army and Navy, it was specially formulated for harsh weather conditions like in Afghanistan, Iran etc. So it is very well suited for our Nigerian climate.

SmartShield sunscreen is honestly unlike any other sun-protection I have used. When I see sunscreen all I think of is this HEAVY moisturizer that just sits on my skin making me hot and sweaty. This product is nothing like your regular sunscreen.

The main thing that stood out for me is that it's oil-free, rendering it perfect as a base for your makeup. It's got Vitamins A,C & E and also Aloe Vera, non-greasy, water-proof and absorbs into the skin fairly quickly.

I also decanted it into a little pot for my Mum to try as well, just so I could see how it worked with mature skin. My mum's got sensitive skin and she did not react to it at all. She used this on her neck, shoulders and arms, basically her upper-body that is usually exposed. She said it did not make her hot, sweaty and felt very natural on, just like her regular moisturizer. She used SmartShield in place of her moisturizer on that area of her body, just because she did not feel she needed the extra layer, sunscreen was enough.

It's got a nice 'clean' smell, hasn't got any perfume in it, feels very light-weight and non-greasy. I used mine slightly different from my Mum, I wanted to test this product as much as I could so I used it on my face under my makeup for a week straight. My skin is dry/sensitive so I was VERY nervous about having an adverse reaction to this product (the things I go through for you guys.. honestly), but thank God I didn't. My makeup stayed put all day, not sure if this will be the case for girls with a different skin-type from mine, e.g. Oily Skin

I only use a tiny amount on my face and then a bit more down my neck, across my shoulders and arms then on my legs. And I used it like this everyday, for the past two weeks. The picture on the left is roughly the amount of product I use on my face (I use like half of that) and the one on the right is the product worked into my skin. You can see, no white streaks! :)

SmartShield has a Sun Protection Factor (SPF) of 30+, I did ask if it came any higher. It doesn't, but the percentage of coverage between SPFs isn't much. I found this information very interesting and wanted to share it with you guys :

SPF 15 = 92% protection
SPF 30 = 97% protection
SPF 40 = 97.5% protection
SPF 50 = 98% protection**

Yup, the sun-protection difference between SPF30 & 50 is just 1%

SmartShield can be purchased from the following places:,, Prince Ebeano Supermarket, Mophet Pharmacy and Medplus with many other locations still in the pipeline
Price: N2500 - N2800 depending on the store

I for one will definitely repurchase this, I am very happy with the product and it shall become my new daily sunscreen.


Sun-damage is irreversible and we need to start taking it seriously! The lovely people over at DermBrand ,who are the official distributors of SmartShield in Nigeria, are extremely passionate about this and have kindly donated FIVE (5) FREE bottles of  SPF30+ for a Giveaway to BiL readers! Five lucky people will win one each.

The Rules
  • There will be one given away everyday from tomorrow (28th of February) till Saturday (2nd of March) on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram
  • You must be following BiL to be able to win on any of the above mentioned Social Media Platforms
  • You can only win once
  • The final two (2) will be won by leaving a comment on this post of your GoogleFriendConnect (GFC) Username. You must be following BiL using GoogleFriendConnect (click 'Join This Site' in sidebar). 
  • The winners will be chosen at random using
  • The winners from the BiL Social Media platforms giveaway will be announced same day. The blog giveaway stays open for a week from today and closes 6th March, 2013
  • Giveaway open to readers in Lagos only

Giveaway Schedule:
Blog Giveaway: From 27th Feb (today!) - 6th March
Facebook: 28th February (Tomorrow)
Twitter: 1st March (Friday)
Instagram: 2nd March (Saturday)

Sheesh! What a mouthful, just trying to make it as fair as possible! Goodluck!

What Sunscreen/Protection are you currently using?


Ez xxX

*This product was sent to me for review purposes. I do not accept compensation for positive reviews, my opinion is always honest, whether items are purchased or gifted
**Information provided by DermBrand


  1. i usually use neutro gene since i cant get botanics here in Nigeria. i keep over emphasizing on sun screens to my friends especially in this Nigerian weather. even ma lip balm and my moisturizer has sunscreen.

  2. I want!! I've just decided to look for a good sunscreen lotion cos I've notice my face is getting kind of 'burnt'and its probably due to overexposure to the sun.

  3. I actually don't av sunscreen cream per say!i just try to make sure my skin products av SPF in dem....+dis is d 2nd good review am reading abt dis product so tnx Ez!!:)

  4. Thank you for the review! Will start using sunscreen. I can start by winning one as a birthday gift? *huge grin*

  5. Great review! Thanks BIL! Indeed a good sunscreen is non negotiable in this our hot weather.

  6. My skin is sensitive too so I'm always reluctant to try new things

  7. Great post, people really need to know this. I was even trying to explain this to my dad the other day.

  8. Lovely info. I buy sunscreen for three people in my life regularly but I don't wear any. Sp end most of my day indoors. Nice hearing about this product.are there any other lines dermabrand carries?

  9. Great review!
    And second good review iv read about it.. Will def try it, though I currently use Neutrogena 'ultra sheer dry touch sunblock' with spf 55..

  10. What I use is NEUTROGENA ANTI AGING FACE SHIELD with SPF 30+ and It contains Helioplex, which blocks not only UVB sunburning rays, but also UVA skin-damaging and aging rays of the sun. It is oil free and non does not block the pores of the skin and it is light and it doesn't leave a white mark or streak of line on the face.

  11. awwwww!!! only lagos readers???? no abj included?but i always read ur blog and the sun here is treacherous!!!!!*waterworks*

    1. :( Sorry! This was the preferred giveaway location by Dembrand! There will be more Nationwide Giveaways this year :)

  12. Lagos sun is just as bad these days! Phew!

  13. I so want this 😁 . Ive been using sunscreen by Mary Kay, with SPF 30. This is the face that wants it ' 👶 ' lol!

  14. I use that forever living product

  15. Thanks for letting us know about the products.Also the tips are very useful.Would like to share the blog with my friends..:)

  16. hello, i just purchased the smartshield sunscreen and i was very happy to start using it. the only problem is that it made me darker after about a week of using legs got darker but my neck and face got very dark. could i be using it wrongly cause i followed all the instructions on the pack...


  17. ene anyogo13 i too got darker after using the product, I went from chocolate to charcoal. I called derrmbrand and they said I was the 1st person to make such a complaint. I guess we have a different skin type? co s I cant understand what the explanation can be. I have been using it since march and I have discontinued use and my complexion is returning to normal now. also it is water resistant which blocks pores, I have had a nasty out break of pimples and acne since I started using it and my face is clear now that i've stopped

  18. All sunscreens will make you darker if you are not using it properly. If you know you will be out in the sun for over two hours, you have to reapply or you will get darker. Plus I guess different people react to sunscreens in different ways.

  19. Hi Ez and thanks for the info about this cream I have just acquired some treatments from UK and later realized that I need a sunscreen to use with the products. Can this product work and how do I get it. I'm currently in Uyo. Thanks.

  20. Is it proper to mix this sunscreen with any cream together before using it?


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