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Thursday, 7 February 2013

Nail Paint By BARRYM

Hey Everyone,

In my first Manicure Mondays post, I received a couple questions asking where the BarryM store was located. There is a BarryM franchise in Lagos, I did mention this in my Lagos Makeup Fair Post here. (click on the link for store address and details)

My last trip to the store was in December and I picked up a few items, including their popular nail polish, or Nail Paint as BarryM likes to call them.

These are the colors I selected, as it was Christmas I was after some 'festive' options.


Nail Paint by BarryM '262 Bright Red'
Price: N1,200

I had been after a true Bright Red shade of nail polish and this one ticks all the boxes for me. Very pigmented and with subtle orange-undertones just enough to make it pop! This is the perfect red as far as I am concerned. It's like having MAC's 'Lady Danger' lipstick on your nails

Nail Paint by BarryM '273 Rasberry'
Price: N1,200

How GORGEOUS is this shade. It's a lovely wine/berry color,  just the right amount of pink and red mixed together.

Nice and dark, but not too dark. Just the perfect balance for a girly-girl like myself.

Nail Paint By BarryM '319 Foil'
Price: N1,600

I'm sure you recognize this from my Manicure Mondays - 001 post. This is a 'foil effect' nail polish (not to be confused with 'nail art foil'). BarryM also offer this finish in Gold.

I made two swatches of this just so you guys can see how opaque it is. One of the swatches I have applied just ONE coat and the other TWO coats. Let's play a little game shall we, which one's got two coats, the one on the left or right?... Please answer in the comment box below! :)

I will say that BarryM polishes are very opaque and the color in the bottle is what you get on your nails.  And for the price, it is well worth it!

Also for those of you guys that can't pop in to the BarryM store anytime soon and need to get your hands on some of their Nail Paint ASAP, online store have got a decent selection of BarryM polish, have a look here! (please note: the prices I have listed against each item is the store price, Konga's is slightly different)

So which is it, Left or Right?


Ez xxX


I'd love to hear from you! :)

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