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Monday, 28 January 2013


Hi Lovelies!

Hope you are all managing to get over the dreaded 'Monday Blues', well I hope my latest addition to the blog would help you get over it some.

So, I've always wanted to get some sort of series going on my blog and the other day it came to me! Most times (read as: "When I remember"), I share my latest manicure on my instagram page (Username: BeautyInLagos) which I tag #NOTD = Nail Of The Day. So I thought why not also post it on the blog too, but add a couple more pictures and details. So I present to you: MANICURE MONDAYS (MMs for short). On Mondays expect to see my latest manicure on the blog.

So to kick off the series, here's a compilation of some #NOTD's I've uploaded to my instagram page. Enjoy! (Oh, and my nails are natural, I haven't got on extensions or acrylic in any of these pictures)

Manicure: Nail Studio, Victoria Island
Polish: OPI 'Tickle My France-y' 
Info: Polish N3000. Sold at Nail Studio

Manicure: Done Myself
Polish: Barry M 'Foil Effect Silver' 
Info: Polish N1600 BarryM Store in Victoria Island

Manicure: Nail Studio, Victoria Island
Polish: Essie 'One of A Kind'
Info: Sold at Nail Studio

Manicure: Wow! Nails at The Palms Mall, Oniru/L'Espace, VI/ Hair Whisperer, Lekki Phase 1
Price of Manicure: N1500 (Nail tidy, polish and nail art)
Polish: Barry M 'Cobalt Blue' 
Info: Polish N1200 BarryM Store in Victoria Island. 

Manicure: Nail Studio in Victoria Island
Polish: French Manicure using Shellac/Gel.

Manicure: Blush Beauty in Victoria Island
Price of Manicure: N1000 (Change of Polish)

Manicure: Wow! Nails at The Palms Mall, Oniru/ L'Espace, VI/Hair Whisperer, Lekki Phase 1
Price of Manicure: N1500 (Nail tidy, polish and nail art)

Random Picture, wanted to share this amaze iPhone case I got from talented Nigerian Artist StudioOfMode
Buy Here: N7,500 . #BuyNigerian People!

So, you guys that follow BeautyInLagos (BiL) on twitter will know that on Friday I tweeted I'll be hosting a Giveaway on here to celebrate both the blog's birthday and mine. My birthday's on Thursday, the 31st, and I would love to give something to one of you guys! Initially, I didn't want to say what the rules were, because I wanted to capture the true Beauty-Lovers that come back time after time to check for new posts. But I am aware that although all of you read my posts, not all of you are following and in order for me to pick a winner, you have to be following. So please make sure you're following BiL with GoogleFriendConnect (you can follow using your twitter account), like the Facebook page and follow on Twitter to be in with a chance of winning the Anniversary GoodyBag! If you haven't got all three, just follow with whichever you've got. (Hint: the more ways you follow, the higher your chances of winning)

I'll provide more details during the actual giveaway! So January31st! See ya!!

Ez xxX


  1. wow... your nails are beautiful...

  2. Lovely! Ama copy em all! ;) xo.

  3. where is the barry M store in Lagos please?

    1. Its shop 020 Abeni Shopping Plaza, Ligali Ayorinde Street, VI. (It's the shopping plaza at the roundabout, behind KFC) xx

  4. BIL!!!
    Gosh am freaking jealous of ur nails?!ow dyu keep it soo long?!mine breaks off afta a while!!Oh my.dey r rily beautiful

    1. Thank You! Believe it or not when I was a teenager I bit my nails lol. I use calcium nail products as a base for all my nail polish, just to keep them strong. The rest I inherited from my Mother! lucky me I guess :) xx

  5. Oh wow! you have lovely nails.....lucky you!

  6. Omg.. I'm so jel.. I don't think my nails will EVER get this long :(
    Beautiful nails.. Xx

    1. Thank you! And they can! Regular manicures (doesn't need to be professionally done) and a good calcium base coat will help!

  7. Where is the barry m store in Lagos?

  8. Is this giveway going to be open to individuals outside Nigeria? Please say yes *on my knees*

  9. Oh gorgeous nails do you take care of them, mine grow out long but then chip on the side and then I'm left having to file them down

  10. I love the nail art! Where can I get a calcium based coating in Lagos?

    Added add all three, hope I win :)

  11. Ez, your nails are so beautiful!
    Kindly recommend good calcium
    based products that we can use to
    make our nails look this good.

    Your blog never disappoints!
    Happy Sunday, Hun!


  12. The pink RING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Boy oh Boy its soooooooo pretty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ai want i want!!!!!!!!!! Where do i get em!!!!!!!!!! I envy your nails too.

  13. The French manicure using Shellac, where did you get it done and how much, please?


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