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Thursday, 31 January 2013



Ok, so straight to it! Since this is a personal giveaway I decided to get stuff that I like and have also talked about on the blog! Below are the items up for grabs!

One of you lucky readers will win:
  1. OursbyJuliada Minty Shea Hair Butter Treatment
  2. Bomb Cosmetics 'Dead Sea Salt' Soap
  3. Bomb Cosmetics 'Pepperland' Body Scrub
  4. Bomb Cosmetics 'Black Currant' Body Polish
  5. A Pair of Exfoliating Mitts
  6. 2 Pots of CamCam Sweets
  7. Sleek Makeup 'Sunset' Eyeshadow Palette
  8. Sleek Makeup 'Sahara' Blush
  9. Wow! Nails Nail Art Manicure (valid for 1month)*
  10. Kinky Apothecary Whipped Batter*


Please leave a comment letting me know what sort of posts you will like to see on BiL this year (or posts you'd like to see more of).

  1. You must be following BiL using Google Friend Connect (Click 'Join This Site' Sidebar) to be eligible - Mandatory
    • If you also follow BiL on Twitter and/or have liked the Facebook Page include your Twitter alias and Facebook name on the end of your comment to qualify for multiple entries in the draw  - Optional 
    2.    Mention your location

To give everyone a fair chance I will select the winner using Giveaway is open Nationwide for a week (i.e till Midnight on 6th of February, 2013). Winner will be displayed on the Blog after.

Just wanted to say a GINORMOUS THANK YOU to all you lovely readers and Goodluck!

Ez xxX

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  1. Olamide Amosu

    I will like to see more fashion and Food (Places: Hot spots) posts on Beauty in Lagos.

    Location- Lagos

    Facebook - Olamide Amosu
    Google+- Olamide amosu

  2. Hi, I'd like to see DIY posts and also tips on how to clean and maintain makeup tools, brushes and so on. Thanks and happy birthday! - @ad3suwa (Benin City, Edo)

  3. Hi, I would like to see more DIY posts and also tips on how to maintain and clean makeup tools.....also happy birthday!! - @ad3suwa (Benin City, Edo )

  4. Dichada's Events,cakes n makeovers31 January 2013 at 15:36

    Happy birthday dearie....Wishing u err'tin good.keep up the good work.God knows I'm in love with this blog.I'm a make-up artist so I wld sure love 2see more beauty products n a lot more on fashion.cheers!

  5. A warm congratulations to you. I would love to see more posts on skincare tips: the natural way as well as cultivating healthy eating habits in a city like Lagos where all the staples are Carbohydrates.

    cheers @notiacs

  6. Ohhh. I am in Lagos.

  7. I would like to see more on Fashion trends and also if you could feature some up coming young designers.

    Facebook- funmilayo oladimeji
    Twitter- @funmiverte
    Google- foladimeji4aesthetics
    Location- Lagos

  8. Hi babe!!HBD once again!!
    I'd like to c more of Beauty/Skincare regime on ere,fashion posts,reviews on products n DIY posts....n finally,plsss video tutorials so I'd finally d face behind dis Blog!!!Lol :)
    Twitter: @Mz_dewunmi
    Facebook: Adewunmi Awofadeju
    Location: Lagos

  9. Happpy birthdayyy..again :)
    I'd love to see more beauty and skin care tips and yeah,outfit posts..
    Twitter :@artofglory
    Facebook : Glowree Chiwuzo
    Location : Lagos

  10. Hi tanks for this oportunity! :)
    I would like to see more baeuty tutorials and fashion posts!
    GF name: Luisa Andrade
    FB name: Luisa Andrade -
    Twitter name: @Xikilim
    My location: Portugal (Madeira Island)

  11. Happy birthday!!!! Wishing you many happy returns :)

    I would like to see more hair, face and body products reviews. Also if you could show some DIY tutorials, that would be awesome!
    Then outfits, clothing stores....that kind of thing.
    Then some personal anecdotes, maybe? :)

    Location - Ife, Osun State

  12. Happy birthday!!!! Wishing you many happy returns :)

    I would like to see more hair, face and body products reviews. Also if you could show some DIY tutorials, that would be awesome!
    Then outfits, clothing stores....that kind of thing.
    Then some personal anecdotes, maybe? :)

    Location - Ife, Osun State


  13. Hi,I will like to see more makeup reviews and application tutorials. Keep up the good work and Happy birthday in arrears.
    Ff u on twitter :@halibaby87
    GFC:Ololade H
    Location: Lagos

  14. Hi, I will love top see more makeup reviews and application tutorials. Keep up the good work and happy birthday in arrears.
    Ff u on twitter @halibaby87
    GFC: Ololade H
    Location: Lagos

  15. Yaaaaaay! Happy bday dear!

    I'll like to see more make-up review and where to get them 'cos im a make up artiste, and i wanna know where to get all the good stuff.


    Location - Lagos

  16. I would really like more hair and make up tutorials and maybe the occasional outfit of the day post. Love your Blog

    twitter: Zeeonlygirl
    Gconnect: C grandberry

    Location: FCT

  17. I would like you to post more on how to take care of the skin and also maybe your favourite beauty products. ^_^ PS Loveeee your blog!!!
    My location is Lagos Oshodi/Isolo. Twitter:@raphead_ Facebook:Niyola Alese. Xx

  18. Hi- happy belated birthday.I would like to see more on Fashion trends- how to combine cloths and style and also how to create winning looks pertaining to makeup.

    Facebook- funmilayo oladimeji
    Twitter- @funmiverte
    Lacation- Lagos

  19. I would love to see more make up and beauty related posts. My location is Lagos.

  20. Hiii. I wish u the best of bdays. Am still waiting for u to come for ur free makeover frm me. I'd like to see more of "How-To" tutorials especially on natural products cos they are the best for the body. Thank you

  21. hey BIL, happy birthday to u. i would love to see more reviews on beauty stores and being less MIA would help.

  22. happi bday dear, skin products, anti-aging products also.

  23. Happy Birthday!
    I'd like to see more makeup tips and maybe tutorials.
    GFC: Lulu
    Location: Greece

  24. Happy Birthday BIL, would like to see more beauty finds(hair,makeup) and your reviews on them.
    Twitter handle-@taryorh

  25. Happy belated birthday..
    I'd like to see more on nails and hair care.
    GFC: minini
    Location: Lagos

  26. Happy birthday dear,I wish to see more fashion trends and I want you to update ur blog more often.

  27. I would love more skin are posts. What's the rave, where we can find what and stuff like that. Its a challenge finding stuff that works in Nigeria.good skin are products are hard to find. You'd be a jewel to show us how. Location-calabar
    Twitter --@samsiiiie.

  28. I would like to see more beauty and tutorials
    Happy Birthday
    My Facebook rosemary ford
    Twitter @rosemary ford
    GFC rosemary ford

  29. HBD dear,
    1. I would so live to see step by step makeup tutorials with pictures so that one can follow and get that look and also video tutorial too so that I can finally see the face behind it all
    2. Ways / steps to apply foundation and concealers bc we have alot of people looking like clowns in Lagos .
    3. The right shade of lipsticks to use for different occasions.
    4. Makeup brushes/ tools maintenance and care
    5. Tips on shaping eyebrows
    6. Different makeup looks for different occasions.
    7. Locations on where to get good quality makeup products in Lagos
    Thanks dear cheers

    Twitter: @idolze
    Location : Lagos(surulere)
    FB: Mary onyeka ekwuribe omoruyi

  30. HBD dearie,
    I would so so really love to see
    1. Step by step makeup applications and tutorials and pictures too
    2. Maintenance and care of makeup brushes and tools.
    3. Ways to pick the right foundation and concealer for ur skin colour
    4. Eyebrow tutorial with pictures plzzzzzz.
    5. Different lipstick shades for different occasions
    6. Ways to put on eye lashes
    7. Locations to get the best deals on makeups and product reviews

    Twitter: @idolze
    FB: Mary onyeka Ekwuribe Omoruyi
    Location: Lagos(surulere)
    Thanks dear, cheers.

  31. Hi..uhm...i was wondering if you know where I could get the naked palette in lagos?

  32. Happy birthday! Thanks for this huge giveaway. Loved the bomb cosmetics body polish in Mandarin. Would love to read more posts on beauty/makeup shopping like your post on beauty concerns. Meanwhile have you checked out the MAC store at the ikeja shopping mall yet?
    GFC: chicbenefits
    T: @soURBAN_chic
    Fb: Nkechi Opurum
    L: Lagos

  33. Hello and HB!
    I would like to see best in drugstore makeup.
    GFC: Mihaila Maria
    Twitter : @maria_mihaila
    Location: Bucharest, Romania

  34. love to see more:-
    hair posts
    a video post on contouring
    makeup and cosmetic Shopping locations in Lagos
    makeup classes in Lagos
    a post on various saloons just the way you tell us where you get your nails done and show us pictures
    a vblog on how to get your makeup on right in 5 minutes flat!
    Washington DC

  35. Happy birthday cutey! i would love to see moremakeup tutorials or looks from you. you have such a pretty face.

    Twitter @dazzle_beautie


  36. Happy Birthday dear......i will like to see more beauty and fashion tips, makeup tutorials and salon reviews

    Location: Lagos
    Twitter: @lajowills
    Facebook: Joie Anwuli Alohan
    Google Connect: Joie

  37. Hi BIL, I would like to see posts about hair extentions and hair styles. A lotta pple are trend followers regardless of what suits them. Letting us know where to get affordable orginal extensions (u stopped doing that on twitter), and hair dos for different pple... Wld be perfect! Xo!
    Ashley Asomugha
    Facebook- Ashley Asomugha
    Twitter- @ashasomugha
    Location- ojodu, lagos

  38. Hi! Would like to see more Face of the day posts and steps to achieve the looks.

    Twitter: @msbelindan
    Facebook: Belinda Nnah
    Location: Lagos

  39. Happy belated birthday! I'd like to see more FOTD posts and how to achieve the looks.

    Location: Lagos
    Facebook: Belinda Nnah
    Twitter: @msbelindan

  40. I would like to see more do it yourself tutorials and also more skin care products and make up that are good for the skin and affordable and also where to purchase them.

    Facebook:Ehinomo Oziegbe


  42. Happy Belated Birthday!

    Would appreciate hair tutorials and details like how-to care for one's hair and products that are tried and tested.

    Location: Lagos
    Facebook: Bukola Adepoju
    Twitter: @bukolaadepoju

  43. Happy belated birthday! Would like to see more on facial care and how we can avoid infection on our face like acne, rosacea etc
    Location: lagos
    E mail:
    Facebook:jebutu omolara

  44. Happy belated bday. I would love to see more reviews on anti aging products. Step by step tutorial ofyour make up days. Also I kno its diff being a 9-5 girl and a blogger but plz update more often. Thanks. Ur doing a good thing here.@amasurviva

  45. Happy solated birthday. Wish you best luck...
    gel nail polish


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