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Thursday, 16 February 2012

Vanity Oils

My lovely mother gave me a large tub of unrefined Sheabutter mid last year and I've still got it. Not used it much because it's the solid form, you know the one you need to rub between your palms to heat it up and therefore melt it a little so it's easy to apply like your regular body lotion. Yeah, that one. So I don't use it as regularly as I'd like to, because of the stress of warming it up and all that. So someone mentioned to me that a little bit of coconut oil mixed in would do the trick and make it easier to work with.

I thought to buy some off-the-shelf coconut oil, but no one knew where I could get that. So I thought I needed some 100% natural oil-vendor or something, much easier than checking the shops right? I was randomly going through my sister's followers on twitter (don't ask why, I have a legitimate reason) and I came across the account 'Vanity Oils'. I thought "interesting name, what do they do? Are they in lagos"... They were and they were EXACTLY what I was looking for!

I immediately followed them on twitter and sent them a tweet saying I wanted to order some oils. They asked for my email address, sent that over and they replied the email with their catalogue.

These are the items I ordered. I must say their catalogue is HIGHLY informative (so is their website). Like, I learnt SO MUCH about the different oils available and their numerous uses and benefits. There are two types of oils Essential Oils (active ingredients) and Carrier Oils (base oils used to dilute essential oils). After reading through all the different oils they had available I obviously became confused about what to pick.

I initially wanted just the coconut oil, but after looking through their catalogue I got this as well. (must be the ObJ MINTY Shea Hair-butter :s).

The cover of the little bottle doubles up as a dropper. As this is an essential oil I only need about 1-2drops mixed in with my shampoo, conditioner, hair cream or whatever I want to add it to. I love when a vendor puts a lot of thought into their presentation. Love!

Also the benefits and uses of this oil are right up my street.

Look at how much coconut oil is in that bottle! I'm sure I can find a lot more uses for it other than just to mix into my sheabutter.

They also sent me over this little tub of Sheabutter! I was pleasantly surprised, thank you Vanity Oils. Don't know if this is like their standard gift to customers, or if it's because I mentioned in my email to them the reason why I wanted coconut oil was to mix in with my sheabutter to get a cream-like texture. Either way this gift was perfect! The texture of this Sheabutter is exactly what I want to achieve with mine once the coconut oil is mixed in.


Coconut Oil : N1000 (8 oz bottle)

Peppermint Oil:  N2000 (1 oz bottle)

Delivery: N500

I'm going to add a drop of peppermint oil in with my coconut oil and unrefined sheabutter. Is this a good idea?

Think I'm going to order some Olive Oil from them soon, because of the benefits one of you guys said when it's used as an eye-makeup remover. Longer eyelashes here I come! :D

Follow them on twitter and check out their website

Any other oil vendors in Lagos?

Ez xxX


  1. ur turning me into a regular beauty junkie ez! i tweeted at you yesterday about blush and i cant wait to go there tomorrow and get my hair did! and i've already ordered oils too...ur bankrupting me...stop it!!!!

    1. Yay!! I guarantee you'll love the service at Blush! Being a beauty junkie isn't a bad thing ;)xxx

  2. Thanks so much for this review. We are delighted to have another pleased customer.
    We give the shea butter samples to all our customers.

  3. The whipped shea butter looks yummy! and they appear to have a really extensive range. I know of a few natural beauty companies but I hadn't heard of Vanity oils-definitely bookmarking their site. I do know of one other company that does coconut oil in Abuja: it was reviewed here

  4. Oh I love that they're selling these oils in naij! Def sending this link to my natural-haired friends back home. As for how to whip up your own shea butter, watch this utube vid:
    ps- if you u don't have all the oils she uses no problem, shea butter is awesome on it's own(for the body + hair) and even better w/coconut oil(for the hair)
    pps-be careful about the coconut oil they're selling tho. Organic coconut oil should be a white solid (looks just like a coconut) and melt in heat (i.e. your hands) just like shea butter. Even if it's liquified there should still be some white particles of the coconut that didn't liquify and not be pure liquid only.

    Love ur site! Keep up the good work! x

    1. Hi! Thanks sooo much for that link. I did my 'whipping' blind, I should've looked around youtube for a vid first, cos I don't think I quite got it right.. lol. So this will be extremely useful, thanks again.
      My coconut oil has got white bits in it, actually a lot of white bits! But its definitely liquified form. So I guess I'm good right?

      Thanks for your lovely compliment! Very kind :) x

  5. i got the little tub of whipped shea with my order from vanity oiks, i guess its a little gift they add to the order. i was really pleased with everything, the tea tree, lavender and aloe vera oil. they still are very much in use now. thanks vanity oils


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