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Monday, 13 February 2012


So, fairly recently I discovered another Vintage blog-store in Lagos. They are called Toséki Vintage. They don't hold monthly blog sales like Elsie Vintage, they just upload items whenever they've got stock available.

They followed my twitter account one day and I got the notification "Toséki Vintage is now following you on twitter.." and I thought "ooooh, interesting!" Browsed through their past posts and saw that they still had quite a few items available.

I was excited when I saw this item. It's similar to the piece I got from Elsie Vintage, i.e. high-waist flared shorts that look like a skirt. I wore it the other day and thought I'd show you guys.

I love them, nice and comfy.

I ordered at the start of the week and it was delivered within 3days I think, didn't have to wait a long time. I must say I am really loving these vintage vendors in Lagos!

Price: N3000. Delivery costs N500. So my bill was N3500.

Follow Toséki Vintage on twitter here! to know when the next set of items are available. Also check out their blog. there might still be a couple items available.

So that's TWO Vintage blog-stores in Lagos
Any more?

(ps: Don't know if I should apologize for the 'faceless' This blog isn't about me, but about letting you guys know where you can get girly stuff in lagos. So for now.... 'facelessness' - it's a real word!)


Ez xxX

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