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Tuesday, 31 January 2012

FACIAL BAR - Eyebrow Threading

So I calculated that I am in a beauty salon every other week. This is mainly because I need to get my underarms (eek!) waxed that often. I've got THE most sensitive underarms ever! Can't use hair depilatory creams, would NOT even put a razor to it, even certain sleeved clothes irritate me (depending on the fabric)! So yeah, I need to be in a beauty salon fairly often. And waxing is 2nd nature to me now, I bb or talk on the phone whilst I get anywhere waxed, THAT used to it! *insert 'Weirdo' here*

So you can understand my fear when I decided to move back, because I had NO idea where to get waxed in Lagos. Facial Bar was my first 'beauty-discovery' upon moving back and I've never looked back. I've been going to Facial Bar consistently for two years now and I have only got high praises for this place. Although I now alternate between them and Barazahi (another beauty establishment, post on it soon). Facial Bar is run by the lovely Lakshmi and she is the sweetest lady.

This past weekend I went in to get my eyebrows threaded. I only let Lakshmi near my brows, no one else.

Before she touches your face she has a mini consultation. Asks what shape you want. And hands you a mirror so you can check her progress at every stage.

I had to wait for her to finish off a facial, so plenty of time to take a few pictures for you guys. Unfortunately couldn't get pictures of the treatment rooms because clients were in them.

They recently expanded to Radisson Blu Hotel, so you can pop in there if you want to. Address at the end of this post.

It costs N3000 to get your brows threaded at their shop on Musa Yar'adua. (Don't know if the price varies at Radisson). You can also have them waxed if you prefer. Facial Bar also offers other treatments like full body-massage and the popular but pricey Oxygen Facial (N35,000). Visit Facial Bar online here!

Saw this at the reception in Facial Bar and thought it was HILARIOUS!

Facial Bar:
32, Musa Yar'adua Street,
Victoria Island, Lagos


Radisson Blu Hotel,
Ozumba Mbadiwe
Victoria Island, Lagos.

Where do you sort your brows in Lagos?

Ez xxX


  1. Aww wanted to see a picture of how the eyebrows turned out.

    1. ahhh!! Really? Still a bit unsure if I want my face plastered all over this blog. Maybe as I get more comfortable with blogging, I'll do that. I also need to get a really good camera first! lol.

  2. definitely this blog is for the rich and wealthy..dont you think threading for 3000naira is a bit expensive? where can I get an affordable place to thread brows?? not the barazahis and facial bars of Lagos. Thank you

    1. I agree, threading is a bit expensive in Lagos. I am sure there are cheaper places in Lagos, but I write about places I have visited/discovered. And I'd love for others to share where they get their brows threaded. I know some people head to Nail Studio, but don't know how much that costs. If you discover somewhere cheaper please share!xx

  3. You can get your eyebrows threaded for N1,500 at Bnatural in Ikeja GRA. That is the cheapest i have seen and that is where I get mine done.

    1. Hi! Thanks so much for sharing! xxx

    2. The costumer service is horrible at bnatural

    3. Thank u, thought it was just me that noticed that their staff are so rude.

    4. Oh, absolutely! The customer service at BNatural sucks and it is appalling! I went there recently cos I went on a wild search looking for where to thread my eyebrows since that's what I have been doing for the past 10 years. I only recently moved back to Nigeria and never did I think eye brow threading was some sort of scarce service.
      The lady at the reception was so hostile. She couldn't offer any helpful solution as to why there is only one technician who does eyebrow threading and why the technician and their management couldn't think of training another staff just in case the person who knows how to thread had to leave or something.
      Honestly, customer service in Salons in Nigeria sucks! In fact, customer service in Nigeria is horrible, generally! I have never experienced such until now!
      I am going to definitely try Lakshmi at Facial Bar. N3,000 isn't bad for any service you get when you are being treated with the best care as a customer.

  4. you can get your eyebrows threaded for 1500 naira at mega plaza, and they are really good as well. T

  5. Worse than that Jonathon, who was advertised to me as THE man in Lagos for European hair, is completely incompetent and more than that rude and arrogant.

    I would never go back, EVER to have my hair cut.

    I did have my nails done and they were fine but I still prefer the Radisson location. It's a much more relaxing atmosphere and the staff are far more competent and friendly.

  6. Hi Ez....please what is the eyebrow threading about? Are the eyebrows just shaped or somethings are added to it?

    Pls explain pls. Thanks

    1. Hiya! Threading is just another form of hair removal, like waxing, shaving, tweezing, etc. basically with this method a string of cotton thread is used to pluck the hairs from the root. It's a lot like tweezing, but imagine a lot of hairs being plucked simultaneously. Threading of the eyebrows is just the standard hair removal and shaping. That's it. Hope this helped :)

  7. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  8. hi, can they thread the upperlip too? plus do u av any idea about their waxing rates?

  9. Hi!! Yes they can thread your upper lip. I don't know they exact rates, because I haven't waxed here in a while. Underarms waxing is N3000. Bikini starts from N4000. So it's quite reasonably priced. If you need more info drop me an email and I'd be happy to ring them up about your requests. Thanks xxx

  10. I officially love u(in a non creepy kinda way Lol)..I'm new to Lagos too been looking for a place like this just discovered ur blog n bookmarked all the recommendations,do u knw anywhere I could get a good foundation or powder for very fair skin cos usually d foundations I see here are for darker beauties n I'm out n not traveling for a long while.cnt stand going out with a naked face..pretty pls help with a cherry on top (comeon that's like d best please who doesn't like cherries lol)..xo


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