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Thursday, 2 February 2012

Ours By Juliada - Minty Shea Hair-Butter

Ours by Juliada (would call it ObJ for this post)! Where do I start? From the moment I discovered this brand at Le Petit Marche early last year, I was fascinated. Le Petit Marche is a little shopping event that holds once a month, amazing concept. Post for another day, back to ObJ  !

ObJ is a skin and hair care company that manufactures 100% natural products. It is owned by two good friends, Ada and Nicole. You can read the philosophy behind their company here!. This is actually my 2nd ObJ experience, my first purchase was also some hair treatment, but I cannot for the life me remember what I got. But it was good! I saw Nicole tweet about treating her hair to some Minty Shea Hair-Butter mix and I thought OMG NEED TO TRY THAT! My hair was due for treatment and I thought I MUST try this, got the details from Nicole and I penciled in Friday, 27th as my 'treatment day'

ObJ  is stocked at Blush Salon, amongst other places, Stockists Here!. So, off I went to buy my tub of goodness and get my hair treated

Yum! here's my tub of goodness

I know it looks like green slime, lol... BUT, it is amazing!

Interestingly, the stylist that worked on my hair mixed in these two with the Minty Sheabutter. The product can be applied on its own as well.

This is the oil. It had a menthol-y (yep that's a word) scent. From the bottle I think it might be Aloe Vera Oil, which is good for the hair. It prevents hair loss and reduces dandruff, amongst other things. I think this was used to work the shea-butter into a paste, so that it can easily be applied to the hair.

And some hair mayonnaise. We all know this is good for the hair.

I didn't use a lot of the product as you can see. So you can get 4-5 uses out of one tub. Nice!

My hair was washed as normal with Shampoo, skipped the conditioning and straight to the treatment. It was evenly applied to the roots of my hair using a dye brush, donned a plastic processing cap (essential a 'shower cap) and was popped under the dryer. You could go under the steamer as well. After 15minutes it was washed out and my hair felt so good! Hair was dried using a hand dryer and I was DONE! Something I noticed was my hair was moisturized. So, NOTHING was applied to my hair before, during or after it was dried. My hair felt nice and soft. And Moisturized. Sorry I have to keep saying this, didn't expect it to be at all. It was nice and not greasy at all

Can I just say that I absolutely LOVE the staff at Blush. I went in at a ridiculous time on a Friday, 6.30pm, because I got off work late (you 9-5ers feel my pain). And they happily took me in. I can say that has NEVER happened to me in Lagos.

Whenever I go in later than 5, I'm met with frowning, rude, unhappy staff. I have even been turned away numerous times (apart from Barazahi Salon, love them there too). But this wasn't the case AT ALL, kudos to them. Nothing like great customer service :)

ObJ  stock a whole bunch of 100% Natural Skin and Hair care products. From body butters and scrubs to hair treatments and oils. Visit the stores they're stocked in or follow them here on twitter for more information!

Ours By Juliada - Minty Shea Hair Butter - N2500

I recently found a company that sells 10O% natural oils in Lagos, from Peppermint oil to Eucalyptus oil. I just placed an order with them. Once I get my items. You can be SURE I'll share! :)

You guys know of any other 100% hair/skincare Vendors in Lagos?


Ez xxX


  1. I've used the minty shea hair butter as well and its awesome. I love the texture. Mine lasted quite a while- definitely a lot more than 5 uses.

    1. Oh wow! 5uses? Just used it again this weekend and there's still a lot more left! Definitely money well spent xxx

  2. How is that shea butter cheaper than what I purchase in the UK!!! Next time I am in Gidi I am STOCKING UP!

    1. Haha!! You know they'll HIKE up the price over there!

  3. this is late, but did you ever review the company you bought the oils from?


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