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Friday, 8 July 2016


So the other day, I went to check out what can only be described as our version of Boots/CVS. Invivo Health & Beauty isn't new, I actually heard about this store 2years ago, but never got round to visiting it. I am glad I finally did and I was literally blown away by this store! Everything is laid out nicely, spacious aisles, pleasant staff and very reasonably priced products. I gave a live tour whilst there over on my snapchat (Username: BeautyInLagos), and I kept getting tweets and comments asking if this store was actually here in Lagos!

One thing I want you guys to pay close attention to are the prices of the products! Honestly, some of these prices were the cheapest I've ever seen here in Lagos. I tried to capture as many price points as I could, have a look at the pictures of this store below and let me know what you think in the comments.

There's also a pharmacy in here and they offer free health checks! How awesome is that!

Invivo Health & Beauty
Leisure Mall, Adeniran Ogunsanya Street, Surulere, Lagos

Hope you enjoyed this post!

Ez xxX

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  1. Ezzzz! See what you've. Caused....heading there now from. Work!! These pics are everything to lure a product junkie like me!

    1. Hahahahah!!! Don't blame me for your junkie ways! :p :D

  2. As more and more of us are returning to Nigeria, I think this would be great for those who are used to CVS here in the U.S or Boots in the U.K. I love the concept of the mini clinic as well. I will have to check this place out when I'm in Lagos. Great post!

    P.S: LOVE the new logo!

    1. Yay! Thanks for reading. And thanks for noticing, there's going to be a few alterations going on! :)

  3. Nice... I should do this to the Abuja store when i'm back in Abuja. They are fairly new there too...

    1. hi dear, please where are they in abuja?

  4. this is a nice one. they have upped the ante on their stock.. have been going there since my hair my beauty put up a post some years ago and havent been to this new site. i absolutely love this. i hope they still have the salon.


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