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Wednesday, 25 May 2016


The obsession with looking younger ain't going nowhere and this is why I have decided to collaborate on a new project called the RBL AGELESS SERIES. Over the coming weeks we will explore a variety of beauty/cosmetic procedures that promise to enhance, as well as take years off of, your appearance. I posted a little sneak peek of what's to come on my Instagram Page last week Wednesday and also shared live videos on my snapchat. Someone was getting dermal fillers and I shared the entire processs with you guys that follow me on snapchat (Snapchat Username: BeautyInLagos). Plastic surgery and cosmetic enhancement procedures are nothing new in the Western world and you may be surprised to learn, neither are they here in Nigeria. I have decided to take you guys along with me on an interesting journey as I go a little more in-depth about these things.

I will be running the series in collaboration with Refinery Beauty Lounge (RBL), a fresh and modern unisex beauty lounge I'd shared earlier in the year in this Out and About post. The really exciting thing about this series is that all the procedures and treatments explored will be available at RBL.

It may all seem a bit ominous right now but that's why this will be a series, a lot more will be revealed as we go along. To kick-off the series I will be sharing a couple cosmetic procedures that are known to enhance a person's appearance, starting off with Microblading.

Every MUA recognises that the brows are probably THE most important features on a client's face. The brows frame your face. Even just recently popular BeautyBlogger and Entrepreneur HudaBeauty, shared this picture on her instagram page:

Image source: Huda Beauty

Can you see HOW important eyebrows are to a person's facial features. Can you imagine how not having eyebrows could affect a person's confidence? So this ageless series isn't necessarily about vanity and not being happy with what God blessed you with, but more about letting people know what options are available to them, more importantly that these options are available right here in Lagos! Also by sharing as much detail as possible, I can assist them in making an informed decision.

Imagine someone who may have lost all their facial hair due to an illness and because they live in Nigeria they think there isn't any other option than having to 'draw' on their brows every single day. Also for people who may naturally have thin brows or perhaps over-plucked them, this will also be very useful information to them.

Ever heard of Microblading?

Image Source:
Microblading is a relatively new, manual method of semi-permanent eyebrow makeup that mimics traditional hairstroke and is done with a machine. It is an extremely meticulous process that involves using a special microblading pen to deposit pigments into the dermis, creating individual strokes, that mimic hair growth. The entire process takes up to 2-hours, with a greater portion of the time used to stencil in the desired shape and strokes using a removable pencil. The lasting-power of semi-permanent depends on the depth of needle penetration during the procedure, with microblading, the needles go down 2 layers of the dermis and the results can typically last 18months. Of course there are a few other determining factors that can also affect lasting-power one being a person's skin type, and also how well they adhere to the aftercare instructions. Clients need to follow all instructions carefully to ensure their brows last over a year, a touchup is required after one month. Eyebrow Embroidery & 3D Feather Hair Stroke methods are all applications of Microblading.

Eyebrow Tattoo vs Microblading

Eyebrow Tattoos are a lot less natural looking. Dark brown or solid black lines, shaped like eyebrows. 

Microblading apply the feathering approach, creating tiny hair-like lines that resemble real brows, application of soft shadows below natural hair to give the illusion of fullness, and blend pigment to provide realistic colors to match hair and skin tone.

Refinery Beauty Lounge have a resident licensed body art professional, internationally trained to provide Microblading services. It is illegal to perform any body tattoo procedure without a license, so please be cautious if you do decide to opt for this.

 The above image is of an RBL client's brows before microblading procedure.

And these are the results. You may be wondering why her brows are so thin. With microblading, as with all cosmetic procedures, the results are solely based on the client's preferences and this client wanted hers done this way.

Is It Painful?
RBL have a state-of-the art anti-pain solution whereby a highly effective analgesic ointment is used to numb the area. Some clients may experience some swelling depending on their skin’s sensitivity. However, most applications look great immediately after the procedure!

Consultation (goes towards microblading procedure): Colour Match, Allergy check, etc - N10,000
Microblading: Tail Only - from N40,000
Microblading: Fill-in - from N60,000
Microblading: Full Brow - from N120,000

Refinery Beauty Lounge have agreed to offer ONE lucky BiL reader a Full Brow Microblading service for N10,000! Yup, you read that right... 10k! That's well over 90% off!

  1. Follow BeautyInLagos & RefineryBeautyLounge on both Instagram and Facebook
  2. Send an email to with subject: 'RFB MICROBLADING GIVEAWAY'
  3. Attach a picture of your bare brows (no makeup on brows) and mention your Instagram Username and Facebook Name
  4. The winner will be announced on Refinery Beauty Lounge's Instagram Page.
Instagram Usernames and Facebook Page links:
BeautyInLagos: @BeautyInLagos & Facebook
RefineryBeautyLounge: @RefineryBeautyLounge & Facebook

Giveaway is now closed!

Hope you enjoyed this first post in the RBL Ageless Series, make sure you keep an eye out for the next one!

Any questions/concerns about Microblading, leave them in comments section a rep from RBL will be answering all questions in the series!

Ez xxX


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  1. I'm so happy that these procedures are now available in Naij!! Having to go abroad to do them can be so expensive when you add the travel costs. I'm happy about this :D


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