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Friday, 4 March 2016


This post is inspired by a friend who, a few weeks ago, saw a picture I posted on Instagram whilst getting my lash refill done and wanted to know everything about getting semi-permanent lash extensions.
My first experience having lash extensions was a bit of a nightmare. I mean, I loved them but I dreaded having to take my makeup off because it involved two different routines, one for my eyes and another for the rest of my face. But then I realized I'd always had two different makeup removal routines, shared in this post, here, about my skincare routine. So yeah, figuring out how to take my makeup off was my first issue, which I quickly got over and got used to.

I get my lashes done at The Lash Lounge in Lekki Phase 1, which was featured recently in an 'Out and About' post. I am a recent lash-convert, very recent actually, I got my first set done last summer (August 2015) and the second time was Christmas and then I got refills in January and another last month. The first time was a little awkward, I had no idea what I was doing in terms of maintenance and how to get my eye & face makeup off, coupled with the fact that all the advice I could find online were the generic: "avoid oils/oil-based products & makeup removers around the eyes, "don't use mascara",  "take your makeup of gently", etc... When what I wanted to know was, "what's the normal shed rate?" "Can I wet my face like normal", "are my natural lashes just going to start falling off". I mean, my lash artist, Sheun, did a good job explaining how to care for them and all that, but I needed someone  like me who could just give me more information on what to expect. Anyway, as always, I decided to be y'alls guinea-pig and learnt as I went along. So here are my tips to maintaining your semi-permanent lash extensions and some information on what I've learnt from my experience.

Refill time: My lashes after having the extensions in for 4weeks.
  1. The process for getting a new set of lash extensions, on average, takes 2-2.5hours, refills 1.5-2hours, depending on the style.Takes that long because the lash technician is literally attaching each lash extension to one lash. So it's a bit of a painstaking process
  2. I get the 3D extensions. This basically means the tech is attaching 3-5lash extensions to one lash, ensuring it creates a 'fan' effect. Lash Lounge offers 3 styles of lashes: Classics (1 lash extension per natural  lash), 3D Glam (3-5 lash extensions per natural lash) & Ultra Glam (3-5 lashes per natural lash,, but offers extensive coverage and takes longer).
  3. My extensions last 4weeks, before I feel I need a refill
  4. I use diluted baby shampoo and baby wipes/cotton pads to take my eye makeup off. Some people use cotton pads, but I prefer the wetness of a baby wipe to a dampened cotton pad. You can also use a Q-tip dipped in baby shapoo to get to those hard to reach areas. You can use any other cleanser for the rest of your face, just make sure to avoid your eyes. I personally use oils, balms or gel cleansers on my face and it's been fine.
  5. Dip your spoolie in your diluted shampoo and run it through your lashes for an added deep clean and to get any eyeshadow or fallout that wasn't removed after taking your makeuo off.
  6. You can rinse your face like normal.
  7. Make sure you use a spoolie to brush out your lashes after taking your makeup off, or after any occasion where you may have wet your lashes. This just separates them and avoids them clumping once dry.
  8. You can wear strip lashes over them, but I personally will advice you be very very VERY careful! I wear strip lashes occasionally, when I have an event or something, because that's just me. The baby shampoo does a very good job getting the glue residue off the lashline, but you have to be patient and gentle.
  9. You can wear eye makeup as normal, eyeshadow, gel/liquid eyeliner, glitter, etc. Just make sure you get it off gently.
  10. No my lashes didn't fall out. Like I mentioned I've gone in for 2 refills in the space of two months and if the extensions are installed by attachment to my natural lash, this means I still have lashes. Otherwise, what would the extensions be attached to?

One important thing to note is that if installed correctly, the extensions shed along with your natural lash cycle, so that, along with how you care for your extensions and the strength of your natural lashes, all determine how long you can go before you need a refill. Also, your preference plays a huge role, if you're like me and can't stand to see them going sparse, you'd rush in for a refill before the recommended 4-6 weeks.

If you've got any more questions or concerns please let me know in the comments section and I will answer them all to the best of my knowledge.

Are you a lash-addict too? Please share your tips in the comments section

Ez xxX


  1. Hi!

    Thanks for the info.

    Is it possible to get these extensions for the bottom lashes?

    1. Hiya! Yes you can, and people do, but my lash technician said there's really no point because they don't last as long. But you could get them if there was an occasion and it's a certain look you're going for with your makeup. :)

  2. I like all the close up shots, I have always wondered about lash extensions thanks for sharing.

  3. Good read. Quite detailed. I ike the closeup shots. It looks really good and natural looking...

  4. Thanks for this post ez! A lot of my questions have been answered :*

  5. I've always wanted lash extensions but worried about how to maintain them since I wash my face a lot. Thanks for the helpful tips!

  6. Hi! You didn't mention how much they cost. You always do!


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