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Thursday, 21 January 2016


I recently received a gift from Zaron Cosmetics,  I already shared the contents of the box over on my Snapchat last weekend (Username: BeautyInLagos). From the pictures above you can see it contained makeup as well as non-makeup items. As I was taking the makeup products out of the box and looking at them, I realized I had absolutely no idea Zaron had some of these products in their range. Quick search on their site and I was impressed with the price points, these are super affordable compared to other brands' offerings of the same product. Have a look for yourself....

Zaron Face Primer: N3,050

Zaron Perfect Finish Spray - N2,950

Zaron Eye Primer - N1,450

Zaron Volumizing Mascara & Duo Eyeshadow - N1,950 & N1,200


A massive thank you, once again, to Zaron Cosmetics!

Ez xxX

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  1. I have tried Zaron products before and they are really good.


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