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Wednesday, 16 September 2015


Hi Guys!

Hope everyone's good!

I have got some fresh content coming your way the next few weeks, I have been out and about discovering new beauty stores and salons and will be sharing them on the blog. If you want to discover these places with me in 'real-time', you can follow along on snapchat | Username: BeautyinLagos.  But today, I want to share some newly launched makeup from indigenous brand, Zaron!

If there is a brand that strives to keep up with the latest beauty trends and improve the quality of their products it's Zaron. Old-time readers of my blog will remember my initial thoughts about the brand (you can read that here), but that since changed and Zaron continue to surprise me time and time again.

They recently released a new range of Matte Lipsticks and Lipstains, but I will be talking about the lipsticks in this post and the stains in a future post.

The entire Matte lipstick collection boasts 12 shades in total, I was lucky enough to get my hands on 4. I will share the swatches first and let you know what my thoughts are right after.

These are coming up a smidge brighter in these swatches, but that's because I took these facing natural light.

Zaron Matte Lipstick '06 Butterscotch' - N2,500*

Zaron Matte Lipstick '13 Denim' - N2,500*

Zaron Matte Lipstick '05 Sassy' - N2,500*

Zaron Matte Lipstick '01 Fierce' - N2,500*

Please ensure you moisturise before you apply. These are matte but don't feel dry on my lips, and I must say I was pleasantly surprised. I wasn't much of a matte-lip fan, until quite recently, with my borderline obsessive acquisition of quite frankly more liquid matte lipsticks than necessary, and still growing! because of how drying they were... catch your sub 'Ruby Woo'. These don't drag during application they glide on very easily and don't dry up on your lips. They're also not 'pasty' at all.

I honestly did expect these to be drying, but they aren't at all! I had a chat with Shalewa (who owns BeautyKink and also stocks these in her store) about these as well, and she agreed the formulation is really good and lasts a long time. The staying power is super! I had '01 Fierce' on for 6hours and I put it through the ringer. I drank tea, water, ate 2 guavas and this stayed on, fading ever so slightly in the centre. I shared a picture of what it looked like on instagram here.

Overall, I really like these Matte Lipsticks! Apart from '13 Denim' which was a bit of a chore to apply and get an even coverage, but this is typical with all dark/borderline black lip products I have tried and I haven't tried that many to be honest, so I could be wrong. What I will advise if you get 'Denim' is,  apply it generously one lip at a time. Avoid smacking/rubbing your lips together during application as this causes it to spread and become uneven. So, take your time with this one if you want to get smooth even coverage.

All these (except 'Denim) I wore for about 6hours. eating and drinking and they stayed put. So I'd give Zaron a thumbs-up for these!

Hope you enjoyed this review!

Ez xxX



  1. Hi Ez!

    I own a couple of the lipsticks (I'm wearing Butterscotch right now- hello fave new work lip!), and I thought I'd share my two cents. I own Butterscotch and Ebony (which is quite similar to Mac's Antique Velvet). Both have great colour payoff, but I'm not too keen on the texture. I find that it sinks into liplines and it is quite drying. I only ever wear Mac mattes, and this lipstick is even more drying. I probably won't repurchase, but I see myself getting a lot of use from the lipsticks.

    That being said, I LOVE the lipstains and cannot wait for your review.

    Essay done :)

    1. Hiya! That's the thing about makeup, it works differently on everyone. I'm wearing butterscotch right now as well, and I just rubbed my lips together and there's still movement. These didn't dry up on my lips.I haven't tried any of the lipstains yet, except when I swatched them, excited to see how those wear after reading your comment!

      And that wasn't an essay at al, I love getting detailed feedback too :D x

  2. Amazing review, makes me want to try them out.


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