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Thursday, 23 July 2015


Hi Everyone,

It seems majority of you guys are very interested in skincare! My posts about skincare products, routines or recommendations always have the highest number of views. I'm actually not shocked by this at all, just gives me some insight on the sort of posts you guys like to see on BiL. You'll be happy to know that today I'm talking about a skincare product :)

Last month, myself along with a couple other bloggers/editors were invited down to BNatural Spa in Victoria Island to discover a new skincare brand, Gemology Cosmetics Paris.

 Gemology is the first mineral cosmetic skincare line founded by Chrystelle Lanoy, who was responsible for the implementation and development of the spa market in France (You know what they say about French skincare brands... Apparently they are the best!). After working with large laboratories and skin specialists for 3years, Chrystelle selected 20 precious gems whose virtues had never been used and developed the skincare brand known today as Gemology Cosmetics.

Every product in the Gemology line is infused with precious or semi-precious stones, with each stone tackling specific skin needs such as Hydration, Anti-Aging, Acne & Sensitive Skin, to mention a few.

Gemology is for professional use, but also includes a retail line for aftercare. During the course of the presentation, one of us bloggers was selected to enjoy a relaxing Gemology facial whilst the rest watched and were talked through the entire process. There are 20 professional treatments created under the Gemology brand; 10 face and 10 body treatments.

There are 40 retail products in their aftercare range and we were kindly sent home with two products to try out.  In order to see visible results one would have to use these consistently for a duration of 6weeks. Ladies and Gents, you see that word 'consistently', Yours Truly struggles with, especially when it comes to skincare. I do try my best, but some evenings I'm just so knackered all I want to do is the bare minimum which is double cleanse and call it a night. This happens like 1-2 nights a week (I know, how terrible am I. I ALWAYS double-cleanse though.... Give me a cookie!). Anyway, it's been 4weeks now, and I think I can give a first impression review at this point. I was given a Serum and a Purifying cream

Gemology Cosmetics 'Brightening Face Serum'
The Brightening Face Serum contains Malachite which is a sacred stone from Ancient Egypt. Malachite thoroughly protects the epidermis while re-establishing its brightness. In my skincare routine I applied the Serum straight after I toned with Rosewater.

 The product is contained in a plastic bottle that's got a dropper applicator, I use 3-4 drops and this covers my entire face and neck. It smells amazing, a really nice calming, sweet-fresh scent that's not at all overpowering. You feel quite 'luxurious' using this product and it's got a gel-like watery consistency, not sticky at all and cooling. It absorbs very easily into the skin.

Gemology Cosmetics 'Purifying Cream'
 The Purifying Cream contains Moonstone, rich in Potassium, which regulates the skin water content for better hydration.

In my skincare routine, I applied this after the Brightening Face Serum. I wait about a minute, then apply it all over my face and neck as well. This products smells just as good as the serum. It's not heavy at all, and applies like a dream.

I am always very reluctant to try out new skincare products because I am worried about my skin reacting badly and then having to deal with getting it back to normal. Especially when it had been thriving prior to the reaction. But I always do a patch test for a few days, before I go the whole hog. The morning after using these products, I noticed a visible glow in my skin. And the glow remained even after I cleansed.

I quite like these products and will continue to use them in rotation with my other (similar) skincare products until they run out.

BNatural will now be including the Gemology facial as one of their treatments at the spa. I think it will be better to get a facial first, before you purchase anything from the retail line. Just so you can get your skin analyzed first by a specialist at the spa, who can then in-turn recommend what products to get.

I have been signed up to get a Gemology facial at BNatural Spa, so I will be sure to share my experience with you all.

Hope you enjoyed this post!

Ez xxX


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