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Friday, 19 June 2015



Just sharing some new stuff I got from Sacred Beauty. For you guys that don't know, Sacred Beauty is a brand owned by Lola Maja. Lola Maja is one of the OGs in the industry, she's actually a legend! And she's not even that old, if you saw her resume and matched it against her age, you'd be amazed.  I met her years ago and to see how much her brand has grown and the countless awards she has won (like the AMVCA Award for best makeup in a Film), it honestly just motivates me. And she is still as down-to-earth as she was when I met her almost 7years ago! Anyway, back to this makeup....

I am a strip lash fiend, I honestly can't get enough. I am now actually seriously considering getting semi-permanent lash extensions. Only gripe is I can't get past the fact I may not be able to properly get my eyeliner off at the end of each day. I still think I'm going to try it, it's one of those things I believe I should try at least once :).

DUO Lashes 'D13' - N3,000*

I had absolutely NO idea Duo had a false-lash range. But to be honest it makes sense seeing as their lash-glue is a cult item in the makeup industry, worldwide. Anybody worth their marbles should know about Duo, and how amazing it is. It's  the only lash adhesive I use and I have it's never ever let me down. I have had my false lashes stay on from 12 noon until about 5am the next day.. No lies! It's also a HUGE plus that their lashes come with a mini-sized duo eyelash adhesive.

Gary Cockerill Daytime to Playtime Pro Lashes - N2,500*

Gary Cockerill is a celebrity makeup artist in England and I had no idea he had a false lash range. I actually picked these out because I have been after lashes in this sort of style, you can kind of tell because these are similar to the Duo ones above. I've got enough of the wispy-full-glamour styles.

Diamante Nail Charm - N1,200*

Also got some nail accessories to 'spice' up my manicures a little. Haven't tried these yet. The Sacred team suggested I just stick it on wet nail polish and then apply my topcoat over. But I am worried that may be a little messy. So I think I'm going to purchase some nail adhesive and use that to stick them on. Look out for that in an up coming 'Manicure Mondays' Post.

Sacred Creative Artistry
2 Abiola Close,
Shonibare Estate,
Maryland, Lagos.
Office: +234 1 453 9193
Mobile: +234 8089622252
Twitter/Instagram: @MySacredBeauty
Facebook: SacredArtistry

Before I sign-off this post, I have got some EXCITING news!! The BiL Directory is back up and running, well it's been back up since the 1st of June and we are throwing a launch party next week Sunday, 28th of June, 2015. After a year of running the Directory, I am now very confident about the direction we are headed in and it's time to 'announce' our presence. I will have a post up with all the details early next week, I have always wanted to host a party, but I never wanted a regular party where guests just sit-down and chat. I wanted something different, so this party we are calling it a 'Pretty Party'. We will have complimentary signature cocktails served as professionals offer manicures, pedicures, mini massages, waxing, brow threading, semi-permanent lash extensions, along with a selection of BiL Directory vendors selling makeup, skincare and haircare products. Imagine a regular party layout with lounge chairs and a bar, BUT you can get pampered at the same time :). It 's going to be at a Spa, one of the foremost Med-Spas in Nigeria! I just want it to be an all-round lovely girly day-out for everyone! It's invite only, but I will be hosting giveaways on the blog and all my social media channels, as I want as many of you guys as possible to attend!
So more info next week!

Hope you enjoyed this post!

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