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Thursday, 5 March 2015


Whaddup whaddup whaddup! *that's how I feel today, just roll with it lol*

Hope you're all well :)

How many of you have heard of monthly subscription boxes? I think they were all the rage a couple of years ago and are still around. How they generally work is, you subscribe to a service that sends you a box full of random items that they produce or sell. These boxes cut across all categories I've seen some health boxes, fitness boxes, hair care boxes, and the one I am about to talk about, beauty boxes.

When I saw such beauty boxes floating around, I always wondered how these would be perfect for Nigeria, especially for indigenous brands; skincare, haircare and makeup. It could be a great way for potential customers to try out a range of your products (sample size of course), which may lead to them buying something eventually. Like a sophisticated 'try-before-you-buy' service.

Nigerian Online Beauty retailer The Beauty Boon, have got their own monthly subscription box which affords you to try out 1 fullsize and 4-5 sample or deluxe sample sized products they sell in their online store. The Beauty Boon are also listed on The BiL Directory :D (Shameless plug, but really we do list the best businesses :p)

The BoonBox - N5,000*
The procedure to get a box is fairly straightforward, you go on their site click the 'BoonBox, tab and just follow the steps from there. You've got an option to subscribe Monthly for N5000 or Quarterly for N19,000.

The thing that differentiates this box from the others I'd seen around, is that each box is tailored to suit you. Most health subscription boxes work this way, but with beauty boxes everyone generally gets the same thing, but not with BoonBox. How they manage to do this, is you would need to fill out a questionnaire and then from your answers they deduce what you are interested in. I think because they retail a lot of brands this affords them such flexibility. Also, the questionnaire is a little lengthy, but I didn't mind much because I can answer a questionnaire around beauty anyday of the week!

So from the answers to my questions, this is what they deduced! And you know what, I was pretty darn impressed! They got me spot-on (no wash!)

L-R: O.P.I. Nail Lacquer, Sigma Travel Size 'E70 - Medium Angled Shading Brush', Travel Size St. Ives Apricot Scrub, L.A. Girls 'Fineline' Liquid Liner, Travel-size Dr. Bronner's Shampoo & Travel-sizeAlmay Oil-Free Gentle Eye Makeup Remover Pads 
 You all know from my Manicure Mondays post I LOVE painting my nails, nail polish in there. I am on a Healthy Hair Journey, there's some shampoo in there. I'll zoom in on a couple things that I really loved from this box, but I honestly feel like they did a good job!

O.P.I. Nail Lacquer - Skull & Glossbones
Like I mentioned, each box contains 1 full sized product , I actually got 2 in mine and this OPI Nail Polish was one of them. I changed my polish to this soon after this picture was taken, it's such a gorgeous shade. If you are wondering what colour I am rocking in the above picture it's Essie's 'Boom Boom Room' which I previously shared here: Manicure Mondays - 018 & Manicure Mondays - 022

L.A. Girls 'Fineline' Liquid Liner
Now THIS, I literally sqealed when I saw. I always jot down products I want to get sometime in the future and this was one of them, no word of a lie, see screenshot below. This was my other full-sized product.

I have used this for two days and I have to say I AM LOVING IT! So expect a full review once I've used it a few more weeks! PS: Anyone else have a beauty wishlist too?

Direct Link for BoonBox: BoonBox

I'd never signed-up to any of these subscription boxes before, but I was genuinely pleasantly surprised by this one. Typically these subscriptions tie you in for a 6-month period, but this allows you a reasonable flexibility of a monthly one. So if you don't like your first box, there are no regrets :)

Any other such boxes around these parts?


Ez xxX



  1. I've tried the BoonBox and I was mostly pleased with what I got also. My issue was they took 2 months to deliver mine.

    Nigerian and Natural

  2. I tried the graze "healthy snack" box while in Uni and it wasn't bad, might give this one a shot, I'm sure the anticipation is exciting.
    Your beauty wishlist looks short, maybe you have different lists for the different brands. Mine is soooo long, been marking things off slowly but surely :)

    1. Guuuurrrll!!! Don't you see the title of that list, that's just for L.A. Girls, I like to organize my wishlists lol!

  3. Hi Ezinne , i see the your p50 in the background where do you buy yours in Lagos or UK , i am running out and can only find it online in the states .Any ideas where i can get my hands on a bottle .

    1. Hiya! I got mine from Barazahi (search 'Barazahi' in the search bar), they've got the P50, P50V and P50W the last time I was in which was about 3weeks ago. It's also sold at Apples & Oranges Spa in Eko Hotel, VI. xx

    2. Thanks a lot for the info ! its appreciated

  4. That's amazing!
    Nigerians are really doing big things oh!


  5. It's great you had a good experience with your beauty box. Funnily enough (or maybe it's not that funny), I used to work for a beauty box co. in Berlin called Glossybox. I did their PR as well as all editorial write ups on their website, monthly mag etc. It was a very interesting experience, my expertise is fashion but I do love beauty- the 2 are inevitably connected...anyhoo, I learnt a lot including how beauty box companies pitch to brands to get samples, how they plan their monthly themes (for those who have them) etc etc.
    Personally, as genius as the idea is, I wouldnt actually subscribe to a beauty box but I'm glad to learn they offer them here as well, I had no idea...

  6. I just subscribed today. I just hope I'm also as impressed as you..I love that nail polish on you...chic!


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