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Friday, 13 March 2015


Hey Everyone and TGIF!

Thank you all so much for your positive feedback on Part 1 :D, especially on Instagram.... I even got it re-blogged on one of my favourite sites for African fashion, The StyleHQ :o, Thank you, thank you!

Can I just say to all you Fashion Bloggers, I have got a new found degree of utmost respect for you guys. Shooting these pictures were not easy at all. We never know what goes on behind the scenes we just see the beautiful end results. These were taken when the sun was at it's peak, as I really wanted these pictures to 'pop' because of the colours in this jumpsuit. I was in no way prepared for the heat! Imagine a hot Sunday in LAGOS!.. Massive 'THANK YOU' to my baby-sis for being my photographer for the day!

Purple & Orange Print 'Alice' Jumpsuit - N15,000*

Jumpsuit - Grey
Bag - Dior
Sandals - Chanel
Lips: L.A. Girls Glazed Lip Paint in 'Tango'

I love love love this jumpsuit, I actually ended up purchasing it for myself. Being 5"11, trousers in my length have always been a struggle. I would typically need to buy a larger size just in order to get a longer length, then have it amended or buy in my size and take the seams out at the bottom. These are XS and the length as you can see is purrrrfect!

My personal style when it comes to clothes, is all about 'comfort'. I will never wear anything I am not comfortable in, that's just not me. An uncomfortable pair of gorgeous shoes I can strut around in for hours...But clothes? No chance! My style is quite simple/basic, I play around with my accessories and stuff, but hardly ever do much with the actual clothes and I believe I translated this in both posts.

The old me would never have done a post like this, not in a million years. But I've come to realise life is too short and we should all Just Do IT! Because whatever 'It' may be, in the grand scheme of things, is never really a big deal!

Hope you all enjoyed my Style Series!


Ez xxX

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  1. So, not only do you have a make up collection worth raiding, your accessory collection is on point too, Love Both Looks!

  2. 😍... I love how relaxed this 'version' is. your sister did an awesome job! Getting someone who understands angles etc is so hard.

    1. I know right, she's the best! Thank luv x

  3. love the fact that you have finally decided to come out of the shadows and show your face. Your accessories are gorgeous and yes to comfort in clothes.

    1. I just wasn't comfortable with it... Still not to be honest, but hey!

      Thank you! :)

  4. Girl you are taaall. I would have to have several inches taken off that jumpsuit if it were me. I want your bag too.

    1. Yeah, I get that a lot... Just Kidding! lol

  5. Look at that hair shake're already a pro at this. No rules to this abeg, we like the style posts :)

    Both looks killed but the relaxed for the win.

    1. You know that shot that was actually a 'mistake' but turned out ok... that's what that was lol!

      Thanks a lot! x

  6. Love it, both looks. Versatile and those bags (Loveeee). You should do a post on your accessories :)

  7. i love the entire outfit. how come you never let us see your face. i mean you are gorgeous!!! so why?


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