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Wednesday, 25 February 2015


Hey Guys,

This post is for my fellow healthy-hair journeyers (HHJs) or anyone who takes great care when it comes to their hair. Now, I'll be the first to admit I am quite lazy when it comes to this HHJ thing and I will much rather go to a salon for my wash-day. The whole washing in the shower, using my at-home steamer, then back in the shower to rinse is not for me. Yup, I've got my own little table-top hair steamer and even an electric hot-head cap. But where are they right now? Gathering dust, that's where. 

At the start of my HHJ I was really into it, like steaming my hair once a week, moisturizing and sealing frequently. But after a while, I just found it all so tiresome. So I thought I'd go half-and-half. Half of my washday I'd start at home, then finish off at the salon. So I'll detangle and apply my treatments at home, then go to the salon and get it steamed, washed and styled. But chiiiiiiiile, let me tell you, everytime and I mean EVERYTIME I went to the salon I felt like I'd been taken back 10months in my HHJ. They just don't get it, the pulling the tugging the excessive use of heat. I literally have to be attentive to what they're doing 100% of the time, and I'd much rather relax while I'm at the salon, that's kind of the point no?  It was just frustrating, but I just could not bring myself to hop in and out and in and out of the shower during wash days. 

Enter Savvy & Chic Salon (SCS).... This salon is honestly a lifesaver! It's is owned and run by fellow Nigerian blogger Dabs. You want to know 'marketing'? Her hair alone is all she needs to sell her salon and to be able to experience firsthand her tried-and-tested techniques and methods to growing and maintaining a healthy head of hair, who wouldn't want that?  I love a fellow woman who is willing to share, what's the point hoarding all the information you have and smirking at others who aren't privy to it. I will never understand this... Dabs has trained and continually trains her stylists on her good hair practices and this very evident.

SCS has been in business for a little over a year now I believe, they shut down around Christmas 2014 because they were moving to a new location and since they reopened at their new site in January, I've been there twice. I've decided I will be coming in every fortnight to get my treatments. They've only just moved to their new location, so they're still working out a few kinks in terms of a little paint work here and some re-tiling there, but this did not deter me. 

I just feel really safe here. There's no tugging at your hair, the treatments from their steam-bar mostly use natural products. First treatment I got was a clarifying one that included bentonite clay, the second had Palm oil, Aloe Vera and Juice in it, yes you read that right (You can read more about the benefits of PalmOil on Dabs' blog here).  The other day I walked in and said I wanted to steam again, the stylists remembered the last treatment I got and suggested I get protein. But came back later to say they spoke with Dabs and she advised a moisturising treatment. I love that personal touch they provide!

I also asked if Dabs was in,  not that I expected she should be. But over the past year we've gone past 'internet-buddies' to 'real life buddies' and every time I'm in we always have a good ol' chinwag, so wanted to know if she was about. You know how it typically is 'Madam is not around'. But the stylist said "Oh, she'll be here. She comes in everyday". Mind you, Dabs has got a full time job, runs a blog, a magazine, an online store, is a wife and mum to two adorable boys, but she checks in on her salon everyday. Very impressive! 

SCS services aren't limited to just 'Naturalistas', I'm certainly not, everyone is welcome! As a matter of fact, Dabs' hair is relaxed (texlaxed), so she's trained her stylists to work with both natural and processed hair. 

They also sell products, you can get your weaves done and styled, or the new rave right now Yarn or Crotchet Braids. And she's just rolled out a new technique of installing yarn braids which cuts down the time in more than half. They've also got an exciting nail salon setting up shop in there very soon, so a good mani/pedi service will be included, will definitely share all when they're in (Hint: I've blogged about and shared quite a few Manicures done by them in my Manicure Mondays posts)


Address: 30 Norman Williams Street, Ikoyi, Lagos.
Telephone Number: 08090613325
Instagram: @SavvyChicHairBeautyHub

For a detailed pricelist please contact them. My steam treatment cost N3000


SCS have decided to give all BiL readers a 10% discount off their first service with them. So if you do decide to go check them out please mention the code 'BiL10' to let them know it's 10% off for ya!

Any other GOOD Hair Salons in Lagos I should know about?


Ez xxX


  1. I know what you mean by "taken aback 10months". The only time I use a salon is when I get a weave or a relaxer and honestly I usually cry on the inside when the stylists get at my hair.

  2. Completely humbled by this post- someone will think I paid you!! That's what I love about your blogging style Ez...straight shooting, honest and always eager to really resonates with my style of blogging too...May the Lord bless all your endeavors always!!!


    1. It was my pleasure! Like I said to you, I was surprised I hadn't shared it on the blog yet..

      Amen, and I pray the same for you too hun xx

  3. You have the wrong link path up, should be


    1. Thanks a lot hn, will update that! x

  4. Since your hair steamer's "gathering dust"... Will you please pass it on to a sister that's on a hair journey who'll put it to work? Lol
    *puppy eyes*

  5. Hello! desperately looking for where to buy bomb cosmetics in Lagos ideally on the island. Saw them on display at the palms lekki some weeks back, but was there today and they were gone. Really trying to buy for a friend's birthday.

    Really really desperate! An address, email or phone number will do!


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