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Wednesday, 22 October 2014


Hey there Beauty-Lovers!!

Apologies for being completely AWOL this month! I fell ill at the beginning of the month, and then I've got a very close friends' wedding all month long, like every Saturday there has been something wedding-related! And then on Sundays, one is exhausted, throw in the fact I've got work all week lol. Settling down to photograph products and draft posts has been impossible so far. BUT, the madness settles after this weekend, so I will be back from then on.... Although, I have been updating my Instagram, Twitter and Facebook pages very regularly with new products I have picked up or been sent, so you should follow me on one of those pages, the links will also be provided at the end of this post

Anastasia Beverly Hills 'Amrezy' Palette - N8,500

Babble over, this is a post to share with you guys a makeup palette I canNOT get enough of! So, popular makeup brand, Anastasia Beverly Hills (ABH) decided to release some limited edition eyeshadow palette's in collaboration with a few social media makeup sensations. Honestly, what a GENIUS idea. I happen to follow one of such sensations @Amrezy (on instagram),  and I adore her! Her makeup style is right up my street, OTT Glam! So it was really a no-brainer that her palette would be my fave! Although, I have now got my eye on @DressYourFace's 'Tamanna' palette which is practically sold out everywhere, but I've managed to get myself one! Will definitely share swatches from that when I get it.

Back to the Amrezy palette, This is truly an eyeshadow palette that one can travel with! You honestly do not need anything else, this palette covers it all! I have used it to create multiple looks (which looking back, I should have captured on my camera), from office appropriate, right across to wedding-glam! You get a decent variety of lid colours in 'Glisten', 'Topaz', 'Iridescent Purple' and 'Emerald'. Tearduct and Browbone colours in 'Legend' and 'Vanilla' respectively. Transition/Crease colours in 'Caramel' and 'Morocco' and Outer V or Crease definition colours in 'Deep Plum' and 'LBD'. What more does one need?

Pretty much everything is covered, you've got your 5 matte and 5 frost finishes on deck. Muted, nude colours, transitional crease colours through to two glorious jewel-toned shadows!

I do not have enough words express to how impressed I was with this palette. The colour selection is stunning, it is 10 colours of pure perfection. It also comes with a double-ended brush, which as far as 'brush-in-palettes' quality goes, this is actually really good!

These shadows are buttery-smooth as well as super pigmented! It took me a while to get used to how pigmented these shadows were! ABH did not scrimp on the quality one bit! You truly get your money's worth out of this one, I can guarantee you that.


So I was very unsure whether or not to share my swatches, because they are a bit pants to be honest. They don't really sell the story I've been telling up there, but please trust me when I say these shades are all super-pigmented and you will have no regrets.

Purchased From: My Makeup Cosmetics (It's still Available!)
Price: N8,500

Anyone else come across the ABH limited editions palettes? Which one's your fave?


Ez xxX

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  1. everyone is talking about the amrezy palette.. got it on my wishlist!! nice review :)

  2. Awwwwwww...I already love it frm your review. Its perfect!
    I can't buy one now

    P.S: I hope you feel better now healthwise. I love your blog.

  3. Lol! I know how you feel, I got all three ABH palettes. The Amrezy, MayaMia and Dressyourface one! However Amrezy's one is my favourite especially because of the Purple (great pop of colour) Sienna and Morroco (perfect transition crease colours).


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